Crafting and creating a happy, balanced, and beautiful life

From roadside finds to handmade Trumeau mirrors, we’re all about creating beautiful things. Do you love to diy your own home decor? Are you ready to create your own style based on what you love? We’re here to share our experience in turning cast-off items and fixer-upper spaces into functional pieces and great places! Are you looking to sell your creations too? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the Studio

We are Wayne and Peggy. A finish carpenter married to a seamstress/florist/furniture painter! Together we created Gardenhouse Studio. Up-cycled, Recycled and handmade has been a way of life for us. We live in a tiny Vermont village off the beaten path of most commercial enterprises. Want to know more about what goes on at the studio? Check out our ABOUT PAGE

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What can I help you find?

Welcome to the Studio! If you’ve been here before, you know we do a plethora of different projects. Painted furniture, decoupage projects, art journaling or creating with IOD to name a few. Just click a link below and you are sure to find a ton of ideas for creating cool stuff!


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digital art journaling

Art Journaling

Are you ready for the coming season?

As much as I love spring and summer, fall is the season I love to decorate for. Maybe it’s because the garden is over and I have a bit more time or maybe that cooler crisp air just makes me want to get things done. Whatever the reason, we are spending a lot more time inside so it’s fun to change things around and get ready for Fall!

Fall Must Haves

My Favorites

Latest Creations with IOD

Desperado transfer

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