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8 New IOD Transfers for 2019

You read that right! We are introducing 8 new IOD Transfers for the close of the 2019 season. What a great variety of design and subject matter surely something for everyone. Here they all are, available today on the website! Use them to transfer your art, your furniture or even your walls.

8 New IOD Transfers
Classic Pots 12″ x 33″ $21.95

The classic pots are perfect on clay pots of any size!

8 New IOD Transfers
Entomology Etcetera 24″ x 33″ $28.95

Entomology Etcetera is amazing check it out here on a collage we offer as a class. Or even our Spring Banner. So many uses for these bugs butterflies and fauna!

IOD transfer Collage art
Japonica IOD Transfer 24″ x 33″ $28.95
Wander 24″ x 33″ $28.95
Wall Flower 24″ x 33″ $28.95
Lemon Drops 12″ x 33″ $21.95
Label Emphemera 24″ x 33″ $28.95

I really thought there wasn’t anything any better than the previous transfers released in 2018. But I was wrong for sure! These 8 New IOD Transfers are amazing! So much so I can’t pick a favorite.

Frond Botanical 24″ x 33″ $28.95

It’s a wrap 8 new IOD Transfers for your home decor projects! Gorgeous flowers in a soft watercolor style and real life like fronds as well as awesome topography makes this line up of transfers the best ever!

8 New IOD Transfers

Need to find all the new transfers in one place just pin the above image and you have all the transfers and their proper names. Checkout our boards on Pinterest for Inspiration and Ideas for using these amazing 8 New IOD Transfers

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    Thanks I love your transfers I live in Costa Rica is possible buy your products?

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