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Art Journaling with IOD Stamps

Beginning Art journaling with IOD Stamps takes us to a personal place of creating. Art journaling is different from journaling in that we use art to fill the spaces between the words. It’s personal because you can write as little or as much as you want however you are still able to cover your writing up with art if it’s too personal. Because this is the beginning of a series, we will start with some basics.

My take on Art Journaling is the pages should tell a story. While creating my pages, I am not just throwing down scraps and pieces of paper, however you can do that in “Junk Journaling” which is also a great creative endeavor. I am telling my story in words and art. After I am finished with a page, I often ask someone to look at my art journal page and tell me the story therefore reinforcing my story.

Art Journaling with IOD Stamps
Blended Ink Background

The Journal

Use whatever you have on hand to start your journaling but make sure it is a sturdy paper for mixed media applications. I am using a large 9″x12″ journal with many pages. I have removed some of the pages for these lessons and also because the journal was getting too thick. My Art Journaling pages always have three components. No hard fast rules just the way it has worked for me.

Simple Sturdy Journal for Art Journaling
  1. The background- can be anything you want. I either use a design in paint or ink or simply a paper that I like and take it from there. Best time to use large background stamps, free hand drawing or stencils.
  2. Main elements -focal points and design parts that establish the theme, this is where I journal, also draw. Usually this is the part that takes the longest!
  3. Finishing touches-The little details, this is where I really examine my page and see what it needs to be complete. Add border ink, words, sayings maybe stickers or other colored elements

Each of these steps can take as little or as much time as needed. There are no rules here. It’s your journal and your art. Enjoy the time creating and the best part of art journaling is you can just paint over it or glue design papers over the parts you don’t like.

Le Courrier IOD Stamp Background
Art Journaling with IOD Stamps

Using IOD Stamps

Art Journaling with IOD Stamps is all about using IOD stamps we have to make a cohesive and interesting journaling page. We are going to go through all three steps using only color and stamps for our page. This post is only about Stamping the Background consequently more posts will follow.

Art Journaling with IOD Stamps
Hope Springs Eternal Journaling Page

The Background

  • My page is going to be a quote “Hope Springs Eternal”
  • I want flowers and script that looks spring like using large stamps
  • Establishing the colors at this point is crucial
  • IOD Sprigs Stamp and IOD Le Courrier Stamp used in my Background
Background Finished

Main Elements

  • Using larger elements in the foreground-More large stamps
  • Journaling-This is personal for me, I am selling my home of 23 years and downsizing to a smaller space. I have many beautiful gardens that I am leaving behind. I will have to begin again at my new place.
  • Coloring the stamped elements is always relaxing!

Finishing Touches

  • Time to see if my art journaling page is close to done.
  • Adding little details words here flower there etc.
  • This is where I add an edging to my page to bring all the elements into the center.

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Art Journaling with IOD Stamps the Beginning

Our Beginning Art Journalling with IOD Stamps has come to a close. I hope you found it valuable. Art Journaling is not about perfection. For me Art Journaling is a place I relax and enjoy the creative process. I look forward to the time spent in my crafting space with my supplies and my art to create journal pages with a story to tell.

Hope you will join me! See you next time!

Regards and Happy Journaling

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