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Botanist Journal IOD Transfer Transformation

Do you think the Botanist Journal IOD Transfer Transformation makes this setback cupboard as awesome as we do? It’s taken awhile to get it done but it is so worth it. When we opened the Shop in 2012, it was a Flower Shop that was designed as an Antique Shop. We still have lots of “Floral Inspired” Items for sale and the Botanist Journal Cupboard is perfect for displaying them.

Botanist Journal IOD Transfer

The History of the Cupboard

We purchased this cabinet from a friend and although I love red it isn’t in my decorating scheme right now. Love, love, love the way the DIY Paint color Hey Sailor Blue and Botanist Journal IOD Transfer transforms the big Red step-back cupboard. The original red paint was impossible to get off with just sanding and nothing would stick to it so we had to use a paint stripper. The before picture is what Paint we could get off With the stripper. The cupboard is old but not ancient. It is handmade, not mass produced and a wonderful storage unit for the shop.

Botanist Journal IOD Transfer

Botanist Journal has been my favorite since its introduction. I want the whole bottom covered with transfers so I am using bits of a couple of other transfers. I used the Entomology Etcetera and the Fronds Botanical to fill in where the Botanist Journal wasn’t quite big enough to cover the cabinet doors. Looking for a transfer that makes you smile? Look no further than the Botanist Journal, always a favorite for a happy place!

The Big Red Step-back Cupboard is Blue!

Here is the finished cupboard before I distressed it. I sanded the wood shelves and then applied a coat of Hemp Oil for protection. What a difference the warm wood makes against the beautiful blue! Absolutely gorgeous Botanist Journal IOD transfer Transformation!

The Blue paint is Debi’s diy paint which has to be sealed before you add the transfer and then again afterward. Excellent coverage since I only used 1/2 pint for the whole cabinet!

Distressed Edges

Before I could put the cupboard in the shop, I had to give it some age. I distressed the edges with our distressed edges stamp which is no longer available and waxed the entire piece. Wanting the cupboard to look aged, I used both furniture wax and antique wax to get the Vintage vibe and it is glorious!

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  1. Cheryl r Atkinson says:

    I love this transfer. I have it and I’m just waiting for the perfect piece to put it own. This cupboard is gorgeous.

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