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Decorating For the Season

Everyone has a favorite season and sometimes the reason we like one season or another is the wonderful ways we are able to do our decorating for the season. My favorite season is summer but I don’t do  much decorating just a new wreath for the front door, bring out the summer slipcovers, vases of flowers and the outdoor pillows fill the garden room where all the summer decorating really comes to life in the way of flowers and natural greenery.

Decorating for the seasonWhen the summer ends and the trees lose their leaves, I am anxious for some new colors and autumn decor throughout the store and at home. Last weekend we stenciled the shop wall and fluffed up the garden room which is inside out shop. Really helps to keep me going during the long Vermont winters. Paperwhite bulbs will arrive this week and we will pot some up every week till spring ensuring us fragrant blossoms all winter.

Decorating for the seasonThe area where we live is still a farming community so when fall comes along you can see pumpkins gourds and winter squash varieties at all the local  farm stands. We have this great bowl {dough bowl} which I purchased for the store and I just love the way it looks filled with gourds for the season. It is probably more economical to use bigger gourds and pumpkins to fill your trug or dough bowl.

Decorating for th season

Aren’t those tiny little green gourds the cutest? If you noticed the “gather box” in the picture of the garden room, [I know it kinda looks like a sign] you’ll be happy to know you can make one in an up coming class.

Here is what it looks like empty. Simple wooden planter box, milk painted, stencilled, distressed and waxed.

Decorating for the seasonWe do specialty floral arranging so we have access to some gorgeous silk and faux greenery as well as flowers. These gorgeous items do come with a big price tag so we have to make them go a long way.

This year however along with the real-like expensive flowers I pulled apart bunches of old wreaths and arrangements that I found at thrift stores and second-hand shops and just mixed them in with the new stuff. Clean them and fluff them up making sure to fix any broken pieces and hide any missing leaves.

Comes out beautiful and the secret is make your arrangements really full so no one section takes away from another.

Decorating for the seasonThis box has real, dried and faux elements all adding to its color and fullness.

Decorating for the seasonI know I am a saver and I save everything but when you can put something like this together from old pieces and simple elements you have a great decorating for the season centerpiece on a budget. I am in love with these boxes and dough bowls for decorating and making centerpieces. I’ll be sharing them again next season as we change it all up in decorating for the season on a budget!

Hope you are enjoying this season tremendously.

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