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Decoupage DIY for Halloween One Paper 3 Projects

Halloween is such a quick holiday consequently I always wonder how so much money is spent on a one day holiday. According to a Google article, over 10 Billion was spent on Halloween in 2022 and it is set to increase this year. That’s a lot of money for a girl on a budget. Me on the other hand, I am a save money on crafts kinda girl. My crafts are pretty inexpensive but packed full of the holiday vibe even if it is a one day and gone holiday. Here’s an upcycled sap bucket made into a holiday treat bucket. Just look at that retro vibe created by the Roycycled Retro Halloween Paper

Below is the YouTube video for creating this bucket. The steps not covered in the video are the preparation of the bucket. You can use any kind of a bucket if you don’t have sap buckets in your area.

Steps for Preparing a bucket for decoupage

  • Clean your bucket thoroughly with hot soap and water 2x.
  • Wipe with denatured alcohol to remove any residue from cleaning
  • Prime with a prime suitable for metal
  • Paint with a paint suitable for metal 2 coats
  • Follow the steps for decoupage in the video and Viola a super Halloween Bucket that will delight the kiddos is created!

Looking for more crafts to make for Halloween? How about these Decoupaged pennants (Banners) to hang anywhere a bit of Halloween decor is needed. The video takes you through all the steps to make these and believe me these are another budget friendly craft sure to delight. The Halloween decor you make is heirloom quality and easily saved from year to year for memories to treasure.


Don’t have time to do many crafts for Halloween? Here’s a printable that you can download and just put it in a frame and there you go, instant Halloween decor.

I also created this subway art words that is a .99 download on the website found HERE

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