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DIY Oval Spring Wreath

diy oval spring wreath

It’s that time of year again when we all need a bit of spring. Valentine’s is over and it is time to make some spring vignettes for the shop. I have been smitten by these huge oval grapevine wreath bases. You can just as easily use the same directions for a round wreath!

diy oval spring wreath

diy oval spring wreath

When I make a wreath the first thing I do is compile and cut all the ingredients laying them on the wreath base till I like the effect of the colors and texture. This is so important if you are gluing your stems down since things get really messy when you have to take them out and re-arrange them.

After I like they way it looks, I take everything off and separate the flowers and foliage into piles. That way I can see how many I have used so I know how much to charge for the wreath.

diy oval spring wreath

Before I start to add flowers, I look at the base and decide which side is going to be best without any flowers since this is a one half design then I turn the wreath base the way I like it. Now is time to add a hanger to the back with a 22 gauge wire, securing it around as much of the wreath as possible.Right after you make the hanger be sure to put a ribbon on it so you can find the hanger, can’t tell you how much time I have spent looking for the hanger when I want to hang my wreaths!

diy oval spring wreath

diy oval spring wreath

Next I take the largest foliage leaves and use that as my base settings the shape of the wreath.I push the ends of the ferns into the grapevine wreath and then I  take a roll of wire and wrap wire around the base encompassing the first layer of greenery and continuing around everywhere I am going to add flowers or foliage. Ferns and vine type silk make an airy wild like wreath which really gives a Spring feel!

diy oval spring wreath

Each stem is woven through the wire that I wrapped around and then after I have added a few other leaves I begin to use my glue gun to make sure everything is nice and tight.

diy oval spring wreath

I continue to add stems gluing and hiding the glue with the next stem I add, so everything on the wreath is double strong.

diy spring wreath

Because I already did a mock-up of my wreath, I know exactly where I want the bow so I leave a space for it as I shape the wreath. It is important to hold your wreath up as you are working to make sure it looks like you want it to when hung. As you add more and more stems the space between the foliage is smaller and you may have to use needle nose pliers to get the stem exactly where you want it and weave them in tightly.

diy oval spring wreathAll my stems are used and it is time to attach  my bow. I use a few smaller little stems around and under the bow to make sure none of my mechanics show and here it is after a few hours work!

diy oval spring wreath

diy oval spring wreathGotta have a spring green bow!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will try and make your own spring wreath.

Until Next Time

Oval Wreath Tutorial


  1. Ilene white says:

    I love your wreath and I would love to purchase it from you! Is that possible and what would the cost be?

  2. Hi Peggy!
    Love your wreath so much. How much would it be for you to make a couple wreaths for our legion front doors? Hope all is well with you…:-) how is my fly chair coming along?
    I’ll try to stop in sometime soon…
    Julie Fortunati

    1. Hey Julie,
      Of course I could make some wreaths for you. I am waiting for an order of supplies to come in March and then I can get right to it. Your chair is happy. She is up on the horses in an unheated studio. Once I heat the studio in March work will commence. Cheers!

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