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Diy Photography Backdrop

I needed a backdrop! I had thought of bringing my furniture pieces to my neighbor’s barn to do my photo shoots but that seemed like way too much work. Her barn is awesome and I will do a couple of shots there before summer ends just to show you. But the time has come for my DIY Photography Backdrop. If you are a furniture flipper and photograph your pieces, you will one day need a photography backdrop.

Diy Photography Backdrop

My Favorite Staging for Photographs

This is the shop I used to have a booth at in Waxahachie Texas. I sure do miss that wall for my photography backdrop. The lighting wasn’t always great but I could always boost it in post editing. The rustic bricks always made furniture look cool! When we moved back to Vermont I was always moving things around the house and trying to get a good backdrop but my tries were inconsistent.

diy photography backdrop
A simple Piece of paneling from the Box-Store

Backdrop Mechanics

My studio/shop is an old garage where the original owner used to work on his car. Very primitive and dark inside but cool in the summer because of all the tree coverage. There is a supporting beam in the middle of the space perfect to use as the support for my backdrop. The ceilings are 7′ 10″ tall so we had to cut an 8 ft piece paneling to go to the ceiling. Since the paneling is 4 feet wide, it will work for most furniture. My carpenter attached the paneling to the beam and supported it on each side with a 2×4. The doors are attached to the 2x4s. One piece of paneling and 2 old doors make our Diy Photography Backdrop.

diy photography backdrop
Same paneling after stamping with IOD Stamps

Assembling the Photography Backdrop

My Diy Photography Backdrop needed width so I rescued two old doors from our storage. I wish now that I had taken a picture of the doors before I started painting them but I was so excited to get stamping! All three sections were first painted Vintage White. I used my IOD stamps to make these three pieces look like old weathered and chipped painted doors. The 4 sets of stamps I used were Distressed Edges, Large Distressed, Chippy Paint and Craquelure all IOD Stamps. I wanted the look of old doors and weathered paneling.

diy photography backdrop

I’m pretty happy with my photography backdrop. The look of old paneling with chippy paint. It came out exactly how I wanted it to. If you want to see the tutorial for this dresser you can find it here, “Label Ephemera Dresser”

The “Old Doors”

diy photography backdrop

My favorite stamp to use for this project was the Chippy Paint Stamp. Just look how the paint looks on this door like it is chipped and peeling off. I will use this stamp again and again as a background for many other projects.

Interested in how we got that paneling to look so old and weathered check out this video from our YouTube Channel. We used the techniques for a backdrop but you could use it on any other project.

I think I have only scratched the surface with stamping Home Decor!

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