Dollar Store Patriotic Bunting DIY

It’s time for the 4th and I am making a Dollar Store Patriotic Bunting DIY. I love a patriotic bunting and anything 4th of July related! I love all the little flags the kids wave and all the flags the Veterans put at the cemetery on holidays. But what I want this year is a Patriotic Bunting that I can store and use every year on Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day etc.

So I hit the local Dollar Store to see what they had and I was disappointed. Where we live, the Dollar Store has one row of Seasonal Merch and they were just about cleaned out of stuff. I purchased all the little flags they had left. There were 7 large and 6 small flags. (So happy to see the flags had Made in USA stamped on them.) Leaving the store, I was determined to make a bunting!

Supplies for Patriotic Bunting DIY

  • Dollar Store Flags-2 Sizes
  • Heavy Twine
  • Textile Varnish/Glue
  • Tool to remove staples

Because it was before the 4th of July holiday, there were still some left. I paid $1.50 for the large ones and $1.00 each for the small ones. After I took the price tag and upc sticker off, I gave every flag a coat of Textile Varnish and Glue both sides. I really saturated the fabric because I wanted it to hold up in the great outdoors for as long as possible. Next I put them on a piece of styrofoam to dry. Looks so Patriotic doesn’t it? Make sure they are totally dry before the next step.

Assemble the Patriotic Bunting

Dollar Store Patriotic Bunting DIY

We had to remove a staple from the large flag and then I took the flags off the sticks they were on. After I had all the flags laid out, I took the twine and wove it through the casing at the top of each flag. It was easy to do because the casing was like a tube and the twine went right through. I altered threading of the flags on the twine, one large, one small till I got to the end. We had to staple each flag to the twine up at the top so they would stay put when blowing in the wind. You can check out my YouTube video of the whole process and I will also put my Amazon link at the bottom of this post so you can find the Bunting Supplies on my Amazon Store.

Don’t you just love how the bunting came out? I hung it up as soon as I was done, no need to wait for the 4th, it’s summer and that means Red, White and Blue! Happy Summer!

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Don’t have time to make the Dollar Store Patriotic Bunting DIY now, pin it for later.

Dollar Store Patriotic Bunting DIY

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