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Early Spring Little French Canvas Wall Art

Is January 30th to early to start making Spring Decor? Not for me! We may have gotten 4 inches of snow last night but I am on a Spring Fling! While thinking spring I came up with this Early Spring Little French Canvas Wall Art. Just using bits and pieces of what I had and here’s the tutorial for you to make your own. So what types of items say spring to you? Here’s my non-exhaustive List.

  • Flowers
  • Birds & Butterflies
  • Nests
  • Baby Animals
  • Sunshine
  • Warmth
  • Soft Colors
  • Green
  • Plants & Gardening
  • kids playing out of doors

We are still working on our Apartment/Shop combination (think torn apart interior) so I really have no where to put a huge amount of Spring decor and I know I want something that will still be viable in June so I am going for a combination Spring/ Summer decorating theme. The first part of my decorating for Spring will be my Easter Vignette. Eggs, Bunnies, chicks, nests, and some green plants or at least pots. How about these farm babies? So adorable!

Fluffy Chicks

My first project is this mixed media wall art made from IOD Transfer scraps, Stenciled background and Roycycled decoupage paper baby animals. So adorable don’t you think?


  • Canvas mine is 11″ x 14″
  • Paint with built in top coat
  • Varnish or water based topcoat
  • Transfer pieces wreath from the Painterly florals & Script
  • Background stencil
  • Decoupage medium
  • tissue paper chick or paper to decoupage

Spring Decor Wall Art Diy

  • Paint the canvas with your paint that has a built in top coat.
  • After it dries, stencil the background with a light gray paint
  • topcoat
  • *burnish the transfers you have chosen on to the canvas (wreath of some kind) & typography*
  • topcoat
  • I painted over the stenciled part where the chicks would be and the back of the chicks tissue with white acrylic gesso and let it dry
  • Decoupage the little chicks to the center
  • topcoat and you are finished!

*I had my husband cut me a piece of plywood that fits exactly in the back of the canvas. That way when I burnish the transfer, I have something firm behind it.

Super easy and very inexpensive and look what you get an adorable little Spring Wall art for your spring and Easter decor. Stay tuned for more scrap art using what you have to make original and awesome decor!

Until next time never stop creating!


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