Easy Monthly Mini Art Journals

Art Journaling for me is a hobby, a treat and total relaxation. I began my Easy Monthly Mini Art Journals in January of this year when I realized I hadn’t taken time to journal in months! I started a Facebook group for Art Journaling several years ago and here is what I wrote in the introduction.

“Art Journaling is a creative way to relax and unwind while telling a story with words and pictures. I have been art-journaling for years, I just never called it that. My love for collage created a format for me to tell my story, sometimes the everyday mundane and sometimes a personal journey for me or someone close to me.” Art journaling is a personal thing and you can choose to share your journal or not. If you are interested in beginning Art Journaling, I would love to have you join!

The Digital Side

Recently I have taken classes on how to design paper and digital downloads. I have incorporated that here and made some of my papers available for you to download. Please only use them for your own use. So how does this all work with Easy Monthly Mini Art Journals? I design small journals for each month with some art work, some digital and lots of places to add your own personal journaling and ephemera. You are welcome to use them. I am also going to go live in the group to share my journals each month.

Here are the pages for my Mini Art Journal before I sewed them into a signature. Next step is to begin decorating them and get them ready for March Happenings!

Monthly Journals

The journals are small so you could get them done in one month or if you have lots of time to journal just print more pages. At this writing I am making my monthly journals each have 6-10 pages. I will add some videos to show how I use my Art Journals and how I put them together. Having a small fresh journal at the beginning of every month makes Journaling something to look forward to. February Journal was kinda small because I knew I didn’t have too much time to art journal but it was sufficient to document the month. You can find it here.

March Covers

You can download these two pages, one is the front cover and the other is the inside cover. I glue them onto a heavy paper or light cardboard, (think cereal box cardboard). The link for the download is at the end of this post.

Front and back cover

I print this on an A4 paper which is standard copy paper size and then it is folded down the middle so the finished book is 5.5″ wide x 8.5″ tall or there about. Sometimes I have to trim depending on the copy machine. Here is the inside cover for March Easy Monthly Art Journals. Again it is folded down the middle so it becomes the inside front cover and the inside back cover.

Inside back and front covers

There is so much happening in March this year.

  • First Day of Spring
  • Daylight Savings Time
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Palm Sunday
  • Easter Sunday
  • And for me a trip to Texas

I hope you will join me in my mini art Journaling as we document the days of our Journeys!

until next time, Peggy


  1. Donielle Farrell says:

    I’m definitely going to join you and give this a try!!

    1. That’s awesome! I hope you find it as relaxing as I do and a great place to use up all those scraps!

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