Experiencing Seasons and Holidays

Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year, it is the day when more people get together and just enjoy one another’s company. It is tradition at the height of some very good ethics, Thankfulness, Gratitude and Appreciation!

So why all the fuss about black Friday? Christmas has become a commercial holiday and this country’s economy not only feeds it but is dependent on it!  I am not an advocate of this crazy day after Thanksgiving frenzy but  since I live in a free country, I guess people have the right to shop if they want, it’s their choice to get up at a crazy hour and stand in line for several hours for more stuff they may not really need. It is however,  hard on the clerks and sales staff who have no choice!!!  And since the shopping hours are getting earlier and earlier maybe it should be addressed.

Personally I wish Thanksgiving was a longer holiday, maybe several days of feasting and celebrating all we have been blessed with! But since it is not, I will savor every moment I have with the precious children in my life and do my best to teach them that family is important, that people matter most and being grateful will make your life happier and make you a pleasure  to be around!

I hope you had a spectacular Thanksgiving holiday with the special people in your life and anticipate the coming celebration of Christ’s Birth with HOPE and JOY! As for me I am going to plant more PAPERWHITES so I will have them for the whole holiday season.

Blessings ptl

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