Fabric Pumpkins Diy from Recycled Linens

Fabric Pumpkins diy from recycled linens happens every fall here at Gardenhouse Studio. The only thing that changes is the fabric and sometimes the pattern. This year I am using a pattern I’ve used before but I am using embroidered linens, vintage chenille, upcycled flannel and a few pieces of lace. I am using a simple formula and a pattern I purchased 2 years ago from Etsy. Since we grow pumpkins I am able to save stems from year to year off of my own baby pumpkins and use the stems on my fabric pumpkins.

Flannel Pumpkins

I have lots of flannel but in keeping with the recycled theme I am using these three fabrics which once were fabric samples from Robert Allen Fabrics. They are 26″ squares so I made one of each style pumpkin. I love the Chub pumpkin in flannel and for sure it will be a hit at the Vintage Market Days of Vermont in October. You can grab the actual pattern and directions for these on my site right here Pumpkin Pattern Just ignore the painting part since these are made to just be flannel!

Pink Chenille Pumpkins

The little flat pumpkins are made from the pattern I purchased on Etsy <Prims By Denise> Easy directions and super quick to put together also VERY inexpensive! I try to assembly line my pumpkins and that way I can get a bunch done all at once. This also allows me to always have some in process in case I sell them on my site or on Etsy. After all how many fabric pumpkins can I keep for myself?

Chub Pumpkin

Here are some quick directions for my Chub Pumpkin. It’s the dusty pink one in the picture.

  • Cut your fabric into a rectangle with the long side twice as long as the short side. Ex. 16″ x 8″
  • Put right sides together and sew up the short side creating a tube.
  • Gather the bottom edge by hand sewing with a 1/4″ stitch and tie off. Turn right side out
  • Stuff with polyfill and then gather the top edge same as bottom
  • Sculpt pumpkin lobes and then tie off thread with several back stitches
  • Glue on a stem and you are done.

I made a pattern download with these directions and how to paint a pumpkin so it looks real if you are interested, it is on my website and on sale right now. <PUMPKIN PATTERN>. Here are a few I have made in the last two years.


More Fabric Pumpkins Diy from Recycled Linens

A few weeks ago I was at a Flea Market and I passed a booth where a fellow was selling linens. They had been his wife’s and she could no longer use them. He said to me “Fill a bag for $10”. If you know me, I couldn’t resist a challenge to see how many I could get in one bag, (actually 2 bags). I choose embroidered ones because I knew I wanted to make pumpkins out of them. I just love how they turned out. The man I purchased them from was over-joyed that someone would have a use for them.Truly these are fabric pumpkins from recycled linens.

Orange Chenille Pumpkins

I saw a few chenille pumpkins on Pinterest that were actually orange however I haven’t been able to find orange chenille. I do have a plethora of beautiful white chenille though so how about a dye job? Rit dye in tangerine to the rescue! The pearl cotton thread I was able to purchase was a bit to bright so I threw the white pearl cotton thread into the dye bath also. For the Orange pumpkin I used the same patterns too. <Prims by Denise> is the smaller one and the <Pumpkin Pattern> from my own pattern. In fact I used only these two patterns for all the pumpkins I made this year!

Linen and Lace Pumpkin

My last pumpkin for this post is another chub one (short as it is wide). For this pumpkin I used the 19″ x 9.5″ formula and added the antique lace fabric before I sculpted the pumpkin. I used a natural linen fabric scrap for my pumkin. One of the pumpkins with the lace and linen I painted and grunged it up a bit since that is a look I can sell everyday of the year.

As a small business we often use links to share products we use but don’t sell. We earn a small commission on any items you purchase but it doesn’t cost you any more. We will always identify these items and be assured these are items we use in our work too!

Supplies for Fabric Stuffed Pumpkins

Pearl Cotton
Chenille Fabric

These are some of the items I have purchased for making Fabric Pumpkins. I didn’t use the chenille fabric because I have so many old chenille blankets but thought someone might like to get some chenille. Everything else I have purchased for my pumpkins. I bought the faux stems because sooner or later I will run out of real stems!

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