Fusion Mineral Paint Old World Clock DIY

Old World Clock DIYToday I am using Fusion Mineral Paint in my clock class and I am the only student. I’ve been teaching clock classes for over 2 months now and there are no two clocks alike ever. I must say I love them all. The clocks we have made thus far have all been painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. It’s time to change it up and use our Fusion Mineral  Paint Products for this Old World Clock DIY.

I knew the look I was going for, an old world clock in a cream color with a french stencil in the middle. I wanted lots and lots of texture with deep cracks and crevices.

Here are the products I used:

Fusion Mineral Paint colors : Ash, Bedford and a custom color of 1/2 Buttermilk Cream and 1/2 Limestone.                                                                      [I think you could have used the sample paints and had enough.]  Fusion Fresco, Fusion Antiquing Glaze and Fusion Furniture Wax.

Old World Clock DIY
These are the steps I followed: Seems like a lot of steps but some take only a minute.

1. PAINT: Paint the background color on the clock round. In this case I painted it Fusion Mineral Paint Ash. Let it dry.                                                               Old World Clock DIY2. RESIST: Use a bit of fusion Mineral paint Bees Wax finish along the edges and here and there as a resist. This way I will be able to sand back to the black after the whole thing is done. I actually just rub it on with my fingers.
Old World Clock DIY3. FRESCO: Mix up the Fusion Fresco into the custom paint color which is a 50% limestone and 50% Buttermilk Cream. Mix just enough so it is like cottage cheese. Kinda funky I know.Old World Clock DIY4. APPLY FRESCO: Paint it on or use a palette knife and layer it randomly so it looks really like 50 layers of paint. I was a bit impatient here after I applied the Fusion Fresco, I dried it with a blow dryer to hurry it along.Old World Clock DIY5. CONTRAST: Next I randomly painted some Fusion Bedford where I wanted more gray color.
Old World Clock DIY6. DISTRESS: Let it dry and then sand it back to where I liked the look. I even used the palette knife to take off a few chunks down to the original finishOld World Clock DIY
Old World Clock DIY7. STENCIL: Stencil the center design and then stencil the clock face .Old World Clock DIY8. DISTRESS: Lightly sand the stenciled designs to match the look of the clockOld World Clock DIY9. TOPCOAT: Apply Antiquing Glaze filling in the cracks and crevices to get an aged look. Love that Fresco Aged Look! Let the glaze dry overnight and then apply furniture wax. Buff
10. MAKE IT WORK: Put the clock mechanics on the clock  and a way to hang it and hang your clock all done. Enjoy!

The stencils and all the other products are available from our shop. The stencils aren’t on the website yet so you would have to contact us through the contact page. The 24″ clock rounds are available at Home Depot and Lowes as tabletops.


  1. Step 10 where did you get the clock mechanics from? If I start with wooden wheel I need to buy it not sure how to even ask for it and where. .?

  2. I would love to see you list these stencils for sale here too!

    1. Me too! Love painting with these paints! Great to see you yesterday.

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