MMS Hemp Oil and the Secret Drawer Dresser

Have you used MMS Hemp Oil yet? Have you ever seen a secret drawer dresser before? Do you ever use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint as a stain? If you answered no to any of those questions then you will enjoy all there is to learn in this blog post.
Hemp Oil

I love real wood dressers

When we picked up this dresser at auction it was hiding behind quite a few other pieces and you couldn’t really tell what it looked like. I could see that it needed work. I could see that it was two-tone. It had funky big knobs that must have been added much after construction. But I didn’t see the secret drawer till we got this dresser in the workroom.
But most of all I Could See Potential
hemp oil

Before we could apply the Hemp OIL, there were things that needed to be done.The drawers were all falling apart so Handyman had his work cut out for him.
As a little side note, we use this glue for everything! It is our go to glue for attaching our IOD moulds to dressers. We use it exclusively for our wood repairs and furniture construction. We even use it to attach paper to bottles when nothing else is available!

Getting It Done

hemp oil
After all the repairs and furniture prep was done, [sanding the entire piece] it was time to paint.
We chose to paint what had already been painted dark brown, with our Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Curio. Handyman had made new parts for missing pieces and the only way to camouflage that was to paint it brown like it had been. I didn’t want a super solid brown so we thinned the curio paint down with water. This made an semi-opaque stain and fit the bill perfectly.I also really like the knobs to match like they had before. We sanded them lightly and put a fresh coat of the “curio stain” on them also.
hemp oil
hemp oil
The drawers had all been sanded to raw wood and nothing makes raw wood gorgeous like hemp oil! I use a chip brush to apply the hemp oil over the entire piece. Letting it soak in for awhile, wiping back any puddles and then a second coat 24 hrs later.

hemp Oil
Once the entire piece was finished with a hemp oil topcoat, it was ready to stage and go to its new home. This was a beautiful one-of-a-kind dresser which turned into a labor of love. We spent many hours working on this dresser to save it from a burn pile. Yeah I forgot to tell you that is what the auctioneer recommended as he put it up for auction.

The Secret Drawer

Before I close this post, did you see the secret drawer? Only one side of the support system was still intact when we purchased this dresser. Handyman had to make a piece for the left side to match the right side. That’s why we call him Handyman. He can do almost anything!
Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil

Secret drawer hemp oil

I hope you enjoyed all there is to do in re-finishing furniture. When you have the right tools and the right know-how you can be proud of your finished work. Be sure to follow our blog so you will know when the subscription based professional classes become available in 2019 and never stop creating!

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  1. Sukie Knight says:

    Fabulous redo on this dresser by you and “Handyman” ! Love his title.

    1. Thanks so much. I used to call him Hubby in my blog posts but now that he does so much, he gets a more important title!

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