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How to use IOD Decor Moulds

We haven’t had the IOD moulds very long but I’ve already done a few projects and wish I could just spend all day playing with these fun molds. Because these molds and the paper clay may be a bit intimidating, this post all about how to use IOD Decor Moulds.

How to use IOD Decor Molds

This little table started off pretty sad. I know I paid less than $5 for it.

How to use IOD moulds

Camouflaging the Flaws

As you can see it is missing the little drawer and the wood is in pretty bad shape. Totally calls for paint and a little make over. Little tables are a good seller for us because they are inexpensive and everyone needs them. I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money on a new drawer. The top overhang is so significant that the drawer would be tiny. My husband was able to cut a piece of wood to go over the drawer space. I already knew I was going to decorate it with IOD Decor Moulds.

how to use IOD Decor Moulds

Here  is the wooden piece attached to the table.

how to use IOD Decor Moulds

I guess it looks like a mock front drawer.

Next to make the IOD Moulds! Here’s a quick little video so you can see how easy it is! She dusted the mould with corn stash to make removal easier.

Let’s Do This-How to use IOD Decor Moulds

After the moulds are made you can remove them right away being careful with the details. I glued them right down to the wood while still soft with carpenters glue. Let them dry overnight and the next day you can paint.How to use IOD Decor Moulds

I painted the moulds with Fusion Mineral Paint Chocolate Brown. I wanted to distress them a bit later and have the moulds match the brown on the rest of the table.How to use IOD Decor Moulds

This table had a shellac finish which I sanded, getting rid of the gloss and giving the paint something to stick to. When the brown paint had dried, I used the Fusion Beeswax Distressing Block to go over the high spots on the design. The brown paint would then remain on the IOD mould after I lightly distressed before the top coat.

The whole table was then painted with two coats of Inglenook waiting 6 hours between coats. I painted the moulds white to be an contrasting accent to the seaglass color of the table. When dry, I lightly distressed the edges of the legs, table top edges and the IOD mould high spots.

how to use IOD Decor Moulds

To get the aged look, I first brushed the whole piece with Fusion’s antiquing glaze. I wiped away the excess until I had the look I wanted. After allowing the glaze to dry 12 hours or overnight, I used our Tough Coat Sealer to seal the whole thing. Then I was done making a Little Heirloom Table from discarded junk!

You now know how to use IOD Decor Moulds.

Would you like to try your hand with this great medium and create something Beautiful?

how to use IOD Decor Moulds

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