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Ideas for Styling an Antique Booth

When it comes to styling an antique booth there are several things to keep in mind. This post is more for an antique show [3 days] than an antique booth in an antique mall.

Preparation and Planning

  1. Always read your contract over several times to make sure you understand the show rules before you begin to make your booth plans. Find out if you are expected to bring lighting or is it provided. Good lighting is really important to highlight your items.
  2. Measure out the size of your booth ahead of the show. Use an open space you have or even in the garage so you can see how much stuff will fit in your booth.
  3. Make sure you have a traffic flow through the booth we always have a circle in around and then out, so the traffic keeps moving through the booth. A  short show will have several bursts of people and you don’t want someone stuck in your booth while some other shopper can’t get in and see what you have.
  4. Have something green or alive in your booth. Plants make a booth feel natural and add a great pop to any booth.Styling an Antique Booth
  5. Measure your fixed staging or fixtures [pieces you may not sell but need for displays] and arrange them in the faux booth, even on paper works well.We always bring a shelving rack that we don’t sell because if you sell all the tables and furniture where you have your displays, you will have nowhere to put your smalls.Styling an Antique Booth

    Plan your Vignettes

  6. Make several displays but keep to a theme so things can be re-grouped as items sell.Styling an Antique Booth
  7. Set up a check out area that you can access easily. Have bags, tape, scissors, stapler, string, tape measure etc.
  8. Bring extra of everything small and seasonal, it is hard to tell what will sell and disappointing when you know you have another stash somewhere you can’t access
  9. When you begin styling an antique booth remember to make complete use of all the vertical space and build up. Remember you can’t sell it, if no-one can see it and get everything as visible as possible.Styling an Antique Booth
  10. So many shows offer a two-day pass so be sure to change out and re-arrange your booth so it looks fresh and new on each consecutive day of the show.Styling an Antique Booth
  11. Styling an antique booth is not an exact science and what works well in one area may not work as well in another area. Be ready to change and keep tweaking your brand till you get the right combo of your brand and what sells for you.Remember to enjoy what you do, it sure is a lot of fun and you will meet some amazing people.

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