IOD Brocante Gallery Wall

Creating the Wall

The IOD Brocante Gallery Wall was so fun to make. I just have to challenge myself with how to get the most bang for my ($$) bucks when using the transfers. Although I made this Gallery Wall on a live video, it actually is the art that fills the space above my bed. The original video didn’t have the little butterfly square and the typography on the bee piece came from a Classics Pots 1st Generation Transfer.

IOD Brocante Gallery Wall

Accurate measurements and spacing were required because we had a specific space we wanted to fill. Most of the pieces were stamped with the Vintage Textures Stamp from IOD and then sealed before we added the transfers. I love this large crackle although the stamp is only 6″ square. If you continue to rotate the stamp after each stamping impression it will look very natural.

Brocante Transfer

The IOD Brocante Gallery Wall Makes a perfect botanical Art Wall and I love every floral in this great 8 page Transfer. The above piece is an 8″x8″ project block that was first stamped with Kindness Regards. We then the stamp pad was lightly rubbed on in arbitrary places before sealing and adding the transfer.

Brocante Transfer

Here is another one of the elements that was stamped first with the Vintage Textures Stamp in two different colors. We used Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint to stamp with and then sealed before we applied the transfer. The IOD Brocante Transfer has 4 of these labels. We used only 2 for this project in fact there are still pages of elements to use on other projects.

Brocante Gallery Wall

Although the saying may be “Measure twice cut once”‘, I think we measured about 18 times! I am so happy with how the IOD Brocante Gallery Wall turned out, maybe mostly because I get to keep it but it sure is pretty! We did a part one and a part two YouTube video showing exactly how the pieces came together. You can watch it below. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more DIY videos using IOD Products.

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  1. Που μπορώ να βρω αυτά τα σχέδια τρανσφερ; Έπρεπε να βάζατε τα λινκ! Καταπληκτική δουλειά! Μπράβο σας!

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