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IOD Butterflies Stamp

Butterflies really make me think Spring! Before I realized it, I spent the whole month of February creating with the IOD Butterflies Stamp and the Entomology Ephemera Transfer. First there was this pillow.

iod butterfies stamp

Then this pillow. This is the easiest pillow to do. I used The IOD Butterflies stamp exactly how it came out of the package no trying to figure placement. Perfect placement was done for you by IOD! Need more info on using our stamps check out our Everything IOD Stamps

Such fun I had thinking about spring while making the spring garland! Although it wasn’t made using the IOD Butterflies stamp, I made it with butterflies from the Entomology Ephemera Transfer! Everyone loves this spring garland and guess what? The garland is reversible, the back says summer but that is for another post.

I was quite surprised by all the attention this wreath received with the butterfly stamped monarchs which were colored with alcohol ink markers. Below is the video for you to see exactly how I made the IOD Butterflies Stamp wreath.

Want to get the IOD Butterflies Stamp for yourself? Leave a comment below telling me what you will make and I will put your name in a drawing to get the Spring Butterfly Bundle. $75 value drawing on April 14, 2020. This is such a great bundle with the Butterflies Stamp, Monarch Mould, Clay and Stamp pad with ink. You will love this stamp as much as I do, I just know it!

Best Regards And Happy Spring!



  1. Hi Peggy. I just finished painting a queen size headboard and trying to decide which transfers go with the theme of the room. Likely flowers, and stamped butterflies would make the piece perfect. Thank you for a chance to win.

    1. I agree headboards are a perfect place to add transfers. Butterflies and flowers on Yes!

  2. Tracy Flint says:

    Greetings Peggy, I would make new curtains for my grandkids play/sleep room and then I would share the kit with a great friend that loves butterflies so she could go crazy crafting items for herself. Thank you for the great giveaway, Bless you and Yours

    1. Butterflies really do bring happiness to so many! Glad you got a chance to enter.

  3. Jennifer Parenti says:

    Hi Peggy! Such an uplifting idea to have a giveaway- thank you for giving people this chance! ❤️So many beautiful ideas for this… I love your garland and some framed artwork would also be lovely . I hope you and yours are well and safe.

    1. Hi Jennifer You are welcome and it is such a time as this that we need to stay creative!

  4. Gwen O'Bar says:

    Lots of great ideas already posted. I’d like to create some pillows and definitely a spring sign.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gwen! The pillows are so spring welcoming and in the right color work for all seasons. A spring sign would be wonderful too!


  5. Kimberly Merrill says:

    Hi Peggy. I’m so glad I came across the wreath project that you created. I love butterflies and can see the wreath on my mirror behind the couch with pillows on the chairs. I’d make a couple table runners and some flour sack dish towels with the stamps.Miss your downtown shop.

    1. Hey Kimberly, I agree the butterflies are just wonderful and the stamp can be used over and over so it is a great investment too!

  6. I would use the butterfly stamp to make a wreath as quickly as I could. Absolutely beautiful and reminding me of the fact that hopefully the “virus” will soon be flying away.

    1. Oh I sure hope this virus flies away! Such a fun stamp to do cards with too!

  7. Janice Hixon says:

    Such beautiful stamps! I would love to try the wreath, or plant picks to brighten foliage plants. Oh the possibilities!

    1. Great idea anything garden gets my vote!

  8. Brenda Gray says:

    I have a few of the IOD stamps that I have yet to try. This blog was inspirational to give it a go! I would absolutely love to try and make a similar butterfly wreath! Or something gardeny (is that a real word) that could be used outside. Maybe stepping stones!

    1. The stamps are so versatile. I haven’t done anything for outside yet but you have given me ideas now! Garden Style is my favorite!

  9. Butterflies are my favorite. I absolutely love your pillows. I have yet to stamp on any kind of fabric but I would love to stamp some pillows and curtains 😊

    1. HI Courtney, Just like paper but make sure you have enough ink on the stamp! I love that turquoise Butterfly Stamp pillow too, it’s gonna be on my sofa this summer!

  10. Rosie Virok says:

    I just stumbled on your web site after seeing a picture of your spring wreath with butterflies😉 Like so many others under quarantine, I am trying to keep busy. I have several IOD products, including the butterfly mold, but not the stamp. I would love the opportunity to make your wreath and have a spring sign I could add the butterflies to. So many fun uses. Thank you for this fun opportunity to possibly win, as well as your creative projects you so willingly share.
    Rosie V.

    1. Thank you for visiting the site and reading till the end of the post! Many people will miss this give-away because they just look at the pictures so you have a pretty good chance of winning!

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