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IOD Christmas Kitties Stamp Gift Bag

Christmas Kitties Diy Gift Bag

The IOD Christmas Kitties Stamp are the cutest little felines ever all sporting a Christmas theme. This gift bag goes together pretty quickly although the hand stitching can take awhile. The bag is made from a simple pattern I developed from a gift bag I already had.

The Supplies

  • IOD Christmas Kitties Stamp Set and IOD Ink found here-https://garhousestudioshop.com
  • Muslin fabric square for stamping the design
  • fabric for bag- I used a red quilting fabric
  • Thread and embroidery floss if you choose to outline the kitty.
  • Sewing machine

The Directions for Stamping

Stamp your kitty on the piece of muslin. (Muslin should be washed and dried without fabric softener)

Cut your fabric into pattern pieces: 2-7″ squares, 1- 3″x21″,(I am calling this the gusset) Then cut the strap strips 2- 1 3/4″ x 12″ for handles. You can choose to hand stitch the muslin square to the front or just zigzag around it by machine. The long strip goes around the 2 sides and bottom of the bag to make it 3 dimensional and not just a flat sack. (it will stand up by itself)

I added a layer of batting and stitched around my kitty with black thread and I attached the piece to the front with a buttonhole stitch. This is totally unnecessary and time-consuming so if you are making several gift bags at one time, I would not recommend it. Below my kitty is pinned and waiting for the embroidery.


  • Sew muslin to one of the 7″ squares, centering the design
  • Sew the gusset piece-(3″ x 21″) to the front piece starting at the top edges and pivoting at the corners, sewing along all 3 sides
  • Sew the back piece exactly the same as the front
  • Fold the handle strips in half lengthwise and then encase all the raw edges by folding and stitching
  • Fold down 1/4 inch on top and zigzag edge
  • Attach handles 1 1/2 inch in from each side seam
  • Refer to the photo gallery above if you get stuck

IOD Christmas Kitties Stamp

All the kitties from the Christmas Kitties Stamp from IOD

I will be doing more projects with the IOD Christmas Kitties Stamp so stay tuned.

Best regards to you and enjoy your crafting for the holiday season!


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