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IOD Moulds Diy Picture Frame

Using IOD Moulds

This post is an update to my original Iod Moulds DIY Picture Frame which I published awhile ago. That post was published before we had the awesome IOD air dry clay and the new line of bigger IOD Moulds! So let’s update! Today I’m going to make an IOD Moulds Diy picture frame with some of the same products. We use the same methods and all of the same enthusiasm that come with working with the wonderful IOD line of products!

Supplies List

  • Picture Frame with a large flat area
  • IOD Air Dry Clay
  • IOD Moulds
  • Chalk Style Paint
  • Wax and Antique Wax
IOD Moulds diy Picture Frame

The picture frame we used for the above IOD Moulds Diy Picture Frame was hand made in our workshop. The outside frame is 10″ x 12″ with 3″ of wood for clay elements. Perfect for a 4 x 6 photo with lots of room on the wood to arrange several mould embellishment. We love our IOD air dry clay for this. It is soft and easy to work with. Create perfect moulding every time with minimal cracking and shrinkage. You can see how the castings are made with IOD clay and our new micro-rim in this super short video.

Here’s Our Latest Picture Frame

Today’s frame is a purchased frame and the IOD Mould that I used to create the casting is Trimmings 1. This is one of my favorite of the new moulds, I love the mini berries and deep sculpture of the leaves.

IOD Moulds Picture Frame Directions

  • After you have opened the clay work a small piece on your hand until it is very pliable
  • Begin shaping a snake like rope that you can push into the mould
  • Scrape away the excess and carefully remove the casting from the mould
  • Glue the casting exactly where you want it piecing and gluing where the pieces overlap
  • Let it dry and then paint and distress to your heart’s desire

This is such a fun project and the results are gorgeous!

Happy Creating


  1. You are so talented. You have inspired me to create more. I have purchased the Birdsong moulds and Fleur De Lis moulds. I used them to create French country flowerpots which hold lavender plants. They turned out exactly as I imagined them and hoped for.

    I have no idea when you posted this video but it continues to inspire!

    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad you found value in this post. I love the moulds for channeling the inner child and creating 3-dimensional art! Never stop creating!
      Fondly, Peggy

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