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IOD Stamps Masking Tutorial

IOD Stamps masking tutorial

This IOD Stamps Masking Tutorial can change your stamping projects. Do you want to make your stamping designs stand out from the crowd? This simple tutorial shows you how to layer your stamps with masks for a much more natural, finished look.

We are so excited that IOD has added an enhancement to their stamps. Simple mylar pieces (masks) that you put over your stamped images to prevent them from being stamped over.

Follow along with this tutorial as we show you how to make a simple Farmhouse Poster and learn the tricks of masking.

IOD Stamps Masking Tutorial

Stamping and Masking

This poster is an extra large piece of watercolor paper so the ink permeates the surface quite well. I used the IOD Black ink so the detail would show up in the stamping. To make the animals look like they are actually standing on each other I used a mask over the area that I had already stamped. Start with the element you would like to have in the foreground. In the case of this poster it was the chicken first.

IOD Stamps Masking Tutorial

Each time I added a new animal, I masked the one that it overlapped so the animals would appear to stand on top of each other. The masks are clear thin plastic so you can see exactly where you are putting the stamps.

Iod stamps Masking tutorial Farmhouse poster

To finalize my poster and the IOD masking tutorial, I added some type with our IOD Typesetting Stamp. Again using the black ink which creates bright, clear words. FARM LIFE is the perfect title for our Farmhouse style poster!

IOD Stamps masking tutorial

Here are the products we used in our poster as well as the YouTube Video IOD Stamps Masking Tutorial with step by step instructions. Have questions, ask below we would love to help! As new IOD Stamps are manufactured they will come with complimentary masks, making your projects that much more fun to create!


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