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IOD Stamps Tutorial 1

Are you ready for an IOD Stamps Tutorial? As I write this post we are most of the way through January and a foot of snow covers the ground. Spring is just not in sight for this Vermont girl! This January has been the hardest ever for me to “get going again in the New Year” so to speak. Did you ever feel un-creative after the holidays? Winter may be beautiful in Vermont but it can be just too long until I can enjoy my favorite time of the year, spring.

So this series is my jump-start to creativity in the new year!

IOD Stamps Tutorial

Some of the products we sell have a learning curve or may be a bit intimidating, one of them is the IOD Stamps. This post is written for the reader who hasn’t tried the stamps in projects yet or hasn’t got the results that you would like with stamps in your projects. IOD Stamps Tutorial 1 is written hoping you will find great value here and continue on for Tutorial 2 and Tutorial 3.

We are just a couple of weeks away from Valentine’s Day so our first 2 projects all have Valentine Themes. Most of the supplies you can buy from us.

Let’s Get Started

IOD Stamps Tutorial Reversible Rose Paper Poster

This is a fun project and the simplest of all the projects. By making this project, you will gain experience working with our large stamps. It is a reversible paper poster that can be a Valentine Gift and then reversed as a rose botanical poster.


  • Watercolor paper
  • IOD Stamps
  • Ink
  • Magnetic Poster Hanger
  • Chalk type paint for the unfinished hanger

Here is a video showing the steps to making the double sided poster.

Want to know more about IOD Stamps for Home Decor? Check out this page- Everything IOD Stamps

Stamps & Products Used

IOD Stamps Tutorial on Fabric Tutorial 2 Coming Soon

Gardenhouse Studio was a custom workroom for 19 years so making pillows is second nature. If you are able to make a pillow for stamping, go for it but if you can’t make one or don’t have time, you can buy a blank pillow. We will go through the whole process in Tutorial 2 scheduled for February 8th


  • Fabric Pillow for stamping
  • Pillow form
  • Stamps
  • Ink

I made my pillow out of muslin. After pre-washing the fabric, I then ironed it. No fabric softener or other fabric care products were used to avoid resistance to the ink. Because I make the pillow myself, I stamp on the fabric before it is a completed pillow. Then I heat set with an iron and lastly assemble the pillow.

IOD Stamping Valentine Pillow

IOD Stamps Tutorial Part 2 will be coming soon and there will be a YouTube video up by February 8th teaching how to stamp on Fabric and make a home dec pillow of your own.

IOD Stamps Tutorial
IOD Stamps Tutorial

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