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IOD Stamps Tutorial 2

This is the IOD Stamps tutorial 2 which goes into greater detail and technique on ways to use IOD Stamps. I’ve made several samples to go along with this post using the IOD Stamps.

IOD stamp Tutorial 2

The first was a Valentine gift. I made a foliage heart in this pillow with the small ferns from the Fronds Stamp and then used the Roses Stamp to make the Rose. The font is no longer available but is an old IOD Stamp. Want to know more about our Decor stamps. Check out our IOD Stamps Everything Page HERE

IOD Stamps Tutorial 2

For the IOD Stamps Tutorial 2, I am using the Butterfly Stamp to make a pillow. I am stamping an all over design on a 20 X 20 piece of muslin and then sewing it into a pillow. The stamping on Shoppers video below will give you a few tips for stamping on fabric.

Products Used

Tips for Stamping on Fabric with IOD Stamps

  • Use natural fabric that has been washed and dried no fabric softner
  • Load your ink pad so it is full
  • Clean ink off of margins before you stamp
  • Use enough pressure to imprint stamp design
  • Lift one corner to test (while firmly holding down stamp) and make sure design has imprinted
  • Heat set after 24 hours with dryer or iron

The latest project to stamp on fabric for the IOD Stamp Tutorial Part 2 is stamping these shoppers. After July 1st there will be no more plastic bags at the grocery store near our home so we’re gonna need a bunch or reusable cloth shoppers!

IOD Stamps Tutorial 2

Here is the YouTube Video that shows you how to stamp on these Shoppers!

Our Most used stamp is the Typesetting!

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