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IOD Transfer Collage Art

Are you a collector of bits and pieces of ephemera? I am. I save pretty paper and pictures and I like to make a collage when I get enough of them. That’s what IOD Transfer Collage Art is all about but it uses bits and pieces of IOD Transfers to make a cohesive piece of art.

IOD Transfer Collage Art

Be Thou My Vision IOD Transfer is the focal point of this collage. The colors are all neutrals and the elements vary in size. To keep the design cohesive all the added elements have a nature component. Let’s talk about collage and the steps to make the IOD Transfer Collage Art Pieces.

I like to have a focal point, which in this piece is the Be Thou transfer (the text with the bird in the center). The Prim and Trim Border along the bottom grounds the design and the smaller trim across the top pulls the design down. After those two elements were completely adhered, I finished the design with a couple of flowers and a dragonfly.

IOD Transfer Collage Art 2

IOD transfer Collage art
Flora and Fauna IOD Collage

Here is a different example of an IOD Transfer Collage Art. The Seeds Small white transfer is 11″ x 14″ and is the biggest transfer piece. I cut it up and moved the parts throughout my design. The large rose from the Flora Parisiensis transfer is a focal point while the bird on a branch from the Entomology transfer is a secondary focal point.

Two other flowers were used from the Flora Parisiensis and one fern from the Frond Botanicals. IOD transfer Collage Art is also available in kit form if you would like to make one like the ones we have here. But if you have parts and pieces of transfers why not put together your own IOD transfer art project.

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  1. Cheryl Atkinson says:

    These are wonderful. I have both of these transfers bit I don’t have the Fonds and the ones with birds. Your placement is perfect. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

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