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IOD Transfer on a Wall

The Before

Have you ever done an IOD transfer on a wall? This is my first attempt and I am excited! I always loved the BRIGITTE’S PATISSERIE transfer from the first generation IOD transfers but I wasn’t able to get one before they went out of production. Then this February there was a release of several 1st generation transfers from IOD. I ordered a bunch of these to have on hand.

First Generation IOD Transfer

What am I doing with this transfer?

We started the process of renovating our 1890’s farmhouse last year and the kitchen was slated to be done this winter. I thought it would be done by now but a total knee replacement operation for my carpenter has made it a slow process. Anyway, I am creating a little baking prep area for the grand-girls who love to bake. I thought about how fun it would be to have a little “French Bakery” theme. Iod transfer Brigitte’s Patisserie is perfect for the “French Bakery” design of our baking prep center.

Can you put an IOD Transfer on a Wall?

Yes you can. This wall was painted a week ago in an eggshell finish so it went on quite well. (The wall color is Paladian Blue by Benjamin Moore) Having a colored wall makes the transfer a little more subtle don’t you think? I think I have always had a blue kitchen. Blue is such a fresh color and it works perfect with the charcoal transfer.

IOD transfer on a wall

Other IOD Products

My carpenter cut the shelf from an old drop-leaf table that had long since been up-cycled and made this great shelf. I didn’t want to have huge jars on the counter but I had picked up several of these jars and wow are they perfect for our baking center. I used the IOD Classic Pots transfer and put one transfer on each jar. No, they don’t say sugar or flour but the jars are clear so I can see what is in them easily. So happy with just another little French decor accent. This is just a small corner of the kitchen but what a difference it makes to add an IOD Transfer to a wall!

IOD Transfer on a wall

The Classic Pots IOD Transfer is a deal maker! The set consists of 15 individual small transfers with great topography and graphics. Very easily adhered to the jar and I love the look! So do the grands! So much more fun to do food prep in a space that looks like this!


  1. Love this new idea. I have it on my list to try. Simply beautiful. I would love a little slice of Paris in my kitchen. Great idea

    1. Thank you! It is so much fun and encouraging to see some of the kitchen getting done.

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