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Magnolia Home Knock-Off Pillow

Magnolia Home Knock-Off Pillow

Today I’m not painting furniture or using IOD products. I’m creating home decor, sewing to be exact, my other passion! (We’re gonna make a knock-off of an expensive Magnolia Home Pillow)

Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home has a fresh upbeat style and I love her home decor line at Magnolia Home. I recently fell in love with the Teal Joslin Pillow by Magnolia Home. But I just couldn’t (wouldn’t) spend $94 on a throw pillow. So my resolve, make my own Magnolia Home Knock-Off Throw Pillow. I just couldn’t stop at one, how about two for about half that price. Having two on my sofa is more the look I like, one for each end. This project is based on making two Magnolia Home Knock-Off Throw Pillows.

I Love to DIY Home Decor

I’m a Diy Diva

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I love to DIY! From sewing slipcovers, throw pillows and window treatments to painting an entire house and then refinishing the furniture. There is so much satisfaction in making your own decor and planning your own decorating schemes. During my Home Decor Workroom Days I made hundreds of pillows for clients so it’s a treat to make some for myself. (And to show you how!)

Here is the Magnolia Home Pillow that we are going to do a knock-off of. Lots of texture and contrast and super cute tassels at the corners. It’s a 22″ square. The fabric is wool and cotton and dry-cleaning is recommended.

Magnolia Home Knock-Off Pillow
Teal Joslin Pillow from Magnolia Home $94

This is the fabric I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics, a wonderful super soft woven cotton upholstery fabric. It has lots of texture and design and super on- trend color-ways. Texture is still a hot thing in home-dec. Many of the fabric companies have produced some really nice ones for the DIY decorator and I found several at JoAnns. The retail price is $44.99 (it is very good quality) but you know you can sign up for their app and get coupons every week.

Did I say SALE?

Fabric was 60% off the day I shopped so the cost was $18 per yard. I only needed about 2/3 a yard for this project but I purchased a whole yard so I could make a third lumbar pillow later on. I’m going to make the pillows with a different backing a solid cotton/linen canvas. Most of the designer ones have a different fabric on the back also. The front pillow fabric is loosely woven and the canvas back will help it keep its shape. I also purchased the cotton linen canvas at JoAnn Fabrics, Regular Price $29.99/Sale Price $12.

  • Textured Face Fabric- $18
  • Linen Backing Fabric- $12
  • 2-22″ pillow Inserts- $22
  • Thread- $1
  • Perle Cotton and embroidery floss for Tassels- $5
  • Total cost for 2 Magnolia Home Knock-Off Throw Pillows-$58
  • Cost for 2 Magnolia Home Pillows $188
  • Savings $130


Amazon now carries some of the Magnolia Home Fabrics. Not the ones the pillows are made out of but some pretty well priced home decor fabrics none the less. I put a link below for fabrics and the pillow forms either poly or feather. I always use feather pillows for my pillow insert. I love the weight and the way they mould to your body.

Directions for the Magnolia Home Knock-Off Pillow

  • Cut out the front and back pillow x 2
  • Pin pillows front to back right sides together and sew around 3 sides
  • Finish inside edges (Optional) I choose to zig-zag the edges on my pillow because the fabric was so loosely woven that it would ravel.
  • Turn right side out stuff with pillow form
  • sew up unfinished edge by hand with a ladder stitch or slip stitch
  • Make tassels and attach to corners.
  • Fluff your pillow put it on your sofa and enjoy!

I use a pillow template for my pillow pattern. It’s a workroom supply and I like it because it has markings for pillows from 12″ to 30″. The template eliminates the very pointy corners thus avoiding the dog-eared look you get when the stuffing doesn’t go all the way to the corners. This works especially well with my pillows because the fabric is loosely woven and the tassels put strain on the corners to begin with. This template has a built in 1/2″ seam allowance to I draw my pattern at 22″.

Making the Tassels

Magnolia Home Knock-off pillow
DIY Making Tassels

The tassels are made from DMC Perle Cotton. You can get a good color match with most home dec fabrics I used 2 1/2 spools for all 8 tassels. You will need a matching thread so I used the DMC embroidery thread with the same color number. Here are the directions.

  • Cut a piece of cardboard 6″ x 3″ and fold to a 3″ square
  • Wrap the perle cotton around the cardboard 70 times appx.
  • Tie the end by putting a 10″ piece of thread through the non-folded edge and pulling tight around all the loops then knot
  • Carefully remove the entire tassel
  • Take a needle-threaded 16″ of thread and wrap tightly about 3/4 inch from the end
  • go back and forth through the center several times to ensure the loops are all sewn through Back stitch several times to secure and cut thread
  • Cut the threads on the un-knotted end and your tassel is done.

Tada…. Here are my finished pillows

Happy Creating!

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