New Vintage Pieces for Studio

We were able to get in an auction last week and picked up a few more vintage pieces for the studio and upcoming market. Love this footed silverplate butter dish with the original glass without any chips!

Vintage Silverplate

Brimfield Antique Show is just a week away so I picked up some things to fill in as smalls, some really nice linen tabletop items, and a “to die for” Duncan Phyfe Sofa circa 1940’s with original upholstery!

Vintage Pieces

WOW, I won’t tell you what I paid for it but it was a steal! I don’t know when we started calling the furniture we work on vintage pieces but it works.

New Fabric Purchases


So glad for some nice weather so I can wash linens by hand and hang them out to dry! When I bring them in and iron them, super springtime freshness!

Cheers Peggy



  1. Hi Peggy, Hope all is well with you. Hows my vest coming along: Hot as heck in Ohio, now. Thinking about what to take to July show. Have been running across a few cutter quilts, but not buying them. Is that something you could use. So give me your thoughts on what you would like me to think about brining. OHH saw quite a few as is very bad shape oriental rugs, say at the least you could get maybe some 2″ square pcs from some. Any Thoughts. for you creativity.My thoughts are killer accents on clothing. o well thats all. Sue

    1. Thanks for all your help Sue, I will private message you my list!!!!!!!!!!!

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