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One IOD Transfer Eight Projects

One IOD Transfer Eight Projects

I was recently challenged to see how many projects I could get from one IOD Transfer. So far the answer is Eight! Yes follow along and see how we made eight separate projects from one “Ladies in Waiting” IOD transfer! Many gifts little money!

Ladies in Waiting IOD Transfer

We teach a workshop at the studio that uses the Ladies in Waiting transfer to decorate sap buckets. They come out great and what a deal 4 buckets beautifully decorated for the price of one transfer! But on a budget, we can do even better! Most of us diyer’s started out trying to save money and make out own great stuff as well as just being creative. We like to make our own gifts and we always want to buy more supplies so we have to stretch the budget!

One IOD Transfer Eight Projects!

# 1 Watering Can

I use this vintage watering can every day so I sealed the transfer with a water base poly that I knew could take the abuse!

One IOD Transfer 8 Projects

# 2 & 3 Flower Signs

The Ladies In Waiting Transfer has several different flowers so I identified a few and then put them on some simple sign boards. These are great on a garden fence or anywhere a bit of garden style would fit.

One IOD Transfer Eight Projects

# 4 Painted Tray

This is the kind of thing you can pick up at the Thrift Store or Goodwill for very little money. Easy to paint and update and so functional. I used one of the larger flowers and several of the smaller tall flowers and some of the script finishes it off perfectly.

# 5 Alphabet Sign

This is one of my favorites. It kinda looks like a Dr. Seuss Book Cover. I used the red roses small rosebuds and lots of the extra foliage and stem pieces. It’s a simple sign to hang anywhere you need a bright fill-in or in a kids room would be perfect!

One IOD Transfer Eight Projects

# 6 & 7 Reverse Canvas Botanical Frames

These are made from simple 10 x 10 canvas frames found at JoAnns or Hobby Lobby on sale. I think I purchased 7 for less than $10. By using the reverse side of the canvas the transfer was easier to adhere. After the transfer was completely adhered, I added some of the mould trim to dress them up a bit. (The mould trim is made from one of our moulds and our air-dry clay.

One IOD Transfer Eight Projects

# 8 Critters Coat Hook

My utmost favorite in the challenge is this little coat hook perfect for the she-shed, nursery or sun-room. These little coat hooks come unpainted with two pegs. I think I paid about $3 for it and isn’t it just adorable with the frog and butterflies! The lady-bugs are hand painted on but they sure would be a great addition to any of the botanical transfers (hint hint IOD sisters!)

So there you have it, 0ne IOD Transfer Eight Projects. The Ladies in Waiting Transfer is amazingly versatile and a favorite for DIY projects!

Here is a picture of exactly what was left from the Ladies in Waiting Transfer after all these projects. I guess you could say I was pretty frugal!

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  1. Gently rub your finger along the edges so it goes down and vanishes. You can seal with a clear sealer like from Dixie Belle.

  2. I recently purchased a beautiful big dresser and the previous owner had put a big French transfer right onto the wood drawers. BUT, around the transfer letters , the film is visible. There is no sealer on this piece .what would be the best way to seal it and help,get rid of that ghosting border around the letters?

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