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Painting Over Chalk Paint with MMS Milk Paint

painting over chalk paint
Finished Bench MMS Milk Paint Artissimo
painting over chalk paint
Chalk painted Piano Bench

Quite often I am asked if it is possible to paint over Chalk Paint. Chalk Paint, Mineral paint, and many other DIY paints have been around long enough for people to want a change and to paint over them. Actually, you can paint over almost anything if you are willing to do the prep. I have had very good results with my methods but I assure you there are other methods that may work just as well.Watch below and see how this bench is transformed. Before I do any repainting, I do a scratch test to see if the surface is sound.

Is your Piece Waxed?

If the pieces been waxed, you will need to remove the wax for optimal results. The piece I am working on is a piano bench with storage space. It was painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 5 years ago and waxed to a nice luster. Many people would tell you to just paint over it, but I can still feel the wax and the paint didn’t hold up to a scratch test! So I removed the wax with an odorless solvent. First I allowing it to penetrate and then I removing it with a rag. Next I used Denatured Alcohol to remove any residue of grease or wax however I would suggest TSP but the denatured alcohol was what I had on hand.

painting over chalk paint

Milk Paint over Chalk Paint

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint is my go to paint. The idea of 5 ingredients and low odor give Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint my vote of confidence. Milk Paint has been around for hundreds of years and it’s one of the most natural paints on the market! I now know my paint isn’t sound and isn’t really adhered well to the original finish. Time to sand back to a raw wood finish. I mixed up a small amount of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Artissimo and let it set while I was sanding. The sanding was super easy and the finish came off easy peasy.

The Finished Piano Bench

Once the sanding is done and the bench wiped down , it is time to paint. I mixed Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Bonding agent in with the Artissimo and painted the bench. I am super happy that it only needed one coat of paint and a perfect navy blue is now on my piano bench. Next step waxing with Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax. Want to learn more about Milk Paint? Check out our Easy Milk Paint Tutorial HERE

waxed leg

If you have time, you can watch our YouTube video below and see how the whole bench was refinished including the cushion. To give the cushion a great “feedsack look” I stamped a monogram and a coat of arms with IOD Stamp Queen Bee!

IOS Stamp Queen Bee

Super Happy with the end results. The bench sold the first day of our opening so the Artissimo and the stamped cushion were the right choice.

painting over chalk paint
Painting over chalk paint

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