Pinterest Knock-Off Sofa Table

Today is our first posting of our Pinterest Knock-Off-Feature.

Have you ever seen something on Pinterest and wanted one of your own?

I have always been an avid magazine collector reader. Since Pinterest has come on the scene, it’s my go-to for a bit of magazine quality browsing whenever I need some inspiration, direction or down time.

Problem: We needed a display table/workbench for our new booth

Solution: Browse Pinterest till you find one that will work.

Use what materials you have and buy what you need.

Here’s the picture we choose

I already had an antique cupboard door which would be perfect for the top so we only had to figure out the frame and shelf.

For the frame and shelf-

We used 2×6 lumber, 2×4 lumber and 3 pieces of shiplap.

pinterest knock off sofa table


Here’s our finished table. Not as pretty staged as the Pinterest one but it is a work-table!


I wanted to get the aged wood look and also have the table be a real workhorse so we used the all in one stain and finishing oil from our Homestead House collection of stains. It is a wipe on oil with a tough acrylic resin making it perfect for this kind of table.

interest knockoff sofa table

Finishing Steps

  • Stain with Cappuccino
  • Let dry overnight
  • Stain with White stain and wipe off immediately.

Love how this table came out and how functional it will be at our new venue.

Do you read magazines for inspiration and relaxation? Do you find Pinterest a valuable source for ideas or do you find yourself getting lost in the eye candy? I’ve recently made a board on Pinterest called “My Next Projects” and I’ve pinned all sorts of things that I will use here for Pinterest Feature Knock-offs!

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    1. Thank You NOREALLYMYNAMEISTROUBLE. It is so useful at the shop and I am sure in someone’s home too! Thanks for visiting.

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