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  • Typesetting IOD Stamps

    Typesetting IOD Stamps


    The IOD Typesetting Stamps come on two sheets. Both upper and lower case alphabet as well as numbers.Generously sized and designed to work fabulously together. Each sheet is 12″ x 12″. A favorite classic serif and a typewritten style for all your typography creations!

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  • Victoria Letters IOD Mould

    Victoria Letters IOD Mould


    IOD has done it again with the Victoria Letters IOD Mould. COMING SOON so this is a PRE-ORDER! Victoria Letters IOD Mould is the first of its kind. Upper Case letters sculptured like branches and wonderfully detailed. Get ready to start creating! Just think of all the applications for a mould that has these gorgeous letters.

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  • Vintage Truck paper

    Vintage Truck Paper


    Monahan Papers Vintage Truck Paper for Christmas. The perfect compliment to your table or craft to your heart’s content! Size 11″ x 17″

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  • Wood Project Boards


    You will love these 6 different wooden project boards for all your diy projects. Quality sanded plywood with a two sided framed option.