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  • Amazing Casting Resin

    Amazing Casting Resin for Moulds


    Amazing Casting Resin is the easiest and safest way to create exact replicas of anything in minutes. Simply mix equal parts of the resin and hardener and pour into your mold. Less than 10 minutes later, remove a beautiful cast replica of your original.

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  • Brick Texture Roller


    The Iron Orchid Designs brick texture roller create a repeated stamped brick image as it rolls in one direction. Uses include embossing into drywall mud to make faux brick backsplashes and walls. Large areas can be stamped in a short amount of time with this wide roller making it a perfect tool in the hands of a diy enthusiast!

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  • IOD Air Dry Clay

    IOD Air Dry Clay


    IOD Air Dry Clay is a beautifully soft and pliable air dry clay, this product works beautifully with our Decor Moulds. This is a large package of clay 14.1 ounces.

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  • IOD Brayer

    IOD Brayer


    The iod brayer is a high quality tool for all your stamping needs. Roll into ink or paint and then onto back of stamp. Use a light hand to ink back of stamp. Practice on paper until you get the application you desire for your home decor projects.

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  • iod decor ink

    IOD Decor Ink for Stamping


    IOD Decor Ink is specifically designed for Home Decor. When used with our IOD Stamps, you will create beautiful detailed projects for your home. Seven different color inks and two Erasable Liquid Chalk Inks for Chalk Board Art.

  • IOD First Generation INK


    IOD First Generation Ink is a retired product. This ink is made to be permanent on your home decor projects. Limited supply get them before they are gone! We have three colors left, Rouge, Bottle and Rouen.

  • IOD INK Pad

    IOD Ink Pad


    The IOD Empty Ink pad is created to be used with our Decor Inks making it easier application with our Decor Stamps. Simply load the empty ink pad with your choice of Decor Inks.

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  • new iod thin mount

    NEW IOD Thin Mounts


    New IOD Thin Mounts are the perfect tool to use with our Stamps. They are reusable, have a nice weight to them and allow for flexibility when stamping on uneven surfaces. The grid lines and the curved lines are perfect for keeping your letters and stamps straight on all your sign making.

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  • Rough Sawn Wood Christmas Tree Set


    Each rough sawn Christmas Tree set comes with 3 trees. The trees are roughly 11″ 13.5″ and 18.5″. The trees are shipped in 2 parts for shipping.The base has a slot where the tree trunk is inserted when you are ready to stand your tree. Simply use wood glue along the base and attach the parts when you are ready.

  • Saltwash Powder

    Saltwash Powder


    We are so excited to introduce Saltwash Powder. The perfect additive to all your favorite paint for texture and faux effects. Simply mix the powder (per directions on label} with any paint and create your desired faux finish.

  • Placeholder

    Wood Project Boards


    You will love these 6 different wooden project boards for all your diy projects. Quality sanded plywood with a two sided framed option.