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  • Alphabellies IOD Stamp

    Alphabellies IOD Stamp 12″ x 12″


    Alphabellies IOD Stamp is the first of its kind in gorgeous mirrored image stamps. Watch the video below and let’s get creative! Want to see more ways to use the alphabellies Check out this YouTube video Here

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    Brick Texture Roller


    The Iron Orchid Designs brick texture roller create a repeated stamped brick image as it rolls in one direction. Uses include embossing into drywall mud to make faux brick backsplashes and walls. Large areas can be stamped in a short amount of time with this wide roller making it a perfect tool in the hands of a diy enthusiast!

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  • Ephemeral Melange IOD Transfer



    Ephemeral Melange IOD Transfer is HERE! 8 pages of absolutely gorgeous Vintage labels are in this Ephemeral Melange IOD Transfer 8×12. Perfect for adding to antique books, bottles and anywhere a vintage floral could be a hit.

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  • IOD Paint Inlay Indigo Floral

    IOD Paint Inlay Indigo Floral


    IOD Paint Inlay Indigo Floral you are the most amazing thing since sliced bread! Innovative, creative, made for the diy painter and the home decorating enthusiasts. 8-12″x16″ pages of quality and the most beautiful right on target indigo blue floral. Did I mention you can use the inlay’s more than once?

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  • Sale! Retro 12"x12" IOD stamp Set

    Retro 12″x12″ IOD Stamps


    Retro 12″x12″ IOD stamps are sure to be a go to set for all your typography needs. 2 pages of stamps make up this set of all caps Retro letters. Want to learn more about the stamps and IOD check this out HERE

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  • Sale! Serpentine IOD Stamp

    Serpentine IOD Stamp


    Serpentine IOD Stamp is the latest in innovative stamps from the Iron Orchid Design sisters. Perfect detail and an on-point decorating style make this a winner for the latest release from IOD. Can’t wait to see what the creative world does with this one! Stamp is 12″ x 12″

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  • Victoria Letters IOD Mould

    Victoria Letters IOD Mould


    IOD has done it again with the Victoria Letters IOD Mould. COMING SOON so this is a PRE-ORDER! Victoria Letters IOD Mould is the first of its kind. Upper Case letters sculptured like branches and wonderfully detailed. Get ready to start creating! Just think of all the applications for a mould that has these gorgeous letters.

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