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  • Sale! Catwalk IOD Stamp

    Catwalk IOD Stamp

    Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $16.00.

    Catwalk IOD Stamp is the leopard print of high fashion in home decor. Perfect in scale and design you will love the impact this stamp will have on your creations. 12″ x 12″ stamp

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  • Cotswolds IOD Transfer


    Cotswolds IOD Transfer will surely be a favorite! the 8 pages of 12″ by 16″ designs fit together to form 2 beautiful vintage signs each approx. 24″ x 32″. Reminiscent of old English countryside taverns these historical signs fit in any decor or even a restaurant.

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  • Sale! Grapes IOD Stamp

    Grapes IOD Stamp

    Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $21.00.

    Grapes IOD Stamp is amazing. Life size grapes and foliage and you know that means, Beautiful creations! Truly this is an innovative product! Have you ever seen anything like it? I can’t wait to see what my customers do with this one!

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  • Grisaille Toile IOD Paint Inlay

    Grisaille Toile IOD Paint Inlay


    Grisaille Toile IOD Paint Inlay is another innovative design from Iron Orchid Designs. The inlays are a brand new product like nothing you have ever used before but the results are amazing! Check out the carefully curated details on the Grisaille Toile IOD Paint Inlay.

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  • IOD Air Dry Clay

    IOD Air Dry Clay


    IOD Air Dry Clay is a beautifully soft and pliable air dry clay, this product works beautifully with our Decor Moulds. This is a large package of clay 14.1 ounces.

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  • iod stamps barnwood planks

    IOD Barnwood Planks


    IOD Stamps Barnwood Planks is an innovative products which turns a plain board into a planked one. Truly amazing design that will allow you to make barnboards from plain wood. This stamp set has two sheets of stamps.

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  • Sale! Bohemia Stamp IOD

    IOD Bohemia Stamp

    Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $18.00.

    IOD Bohemia Stamp has so many separate design element. Use as borders and repeat the design or use each stamp as it comes out of the package. Your own creativity rules with this stamp set! Wide Border, Narrow Border, Floral Border; we’ve got you covered with IOD Bohemia Stamp!

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  • IOD Brayer

    IOD Brayer


    The iod brayer is a high quality tool for all your stamping needs. Roll into ink or paint and then onto back of stamp. Use a light hand to ink back of stamp. Practice on paper until you get the application you desire for your home decor projects.

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  • IOD Mould Birdsong

    IOD Mould Birdsong


    Iron Orchid designs has really made a statement with the gorgeous birds in the IOD Mould Birdsong! 7 different birds in flight, perched, and resting. Oh the possibilities!

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  • IOD Mould He Loves Me

    IOD Mould He Loves Me


    IOD Mould He Loves Me gives proof to the statement that “There are never enough flowers!” Lots of options for creating your favorites with this mould! The different sizes and shapes are perfect!

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  • IOD Trimmings 2

    IOD Mould Trimmings 2


    If you have ever wanted to add something special to a piece of furniture then the IOD mould Trimmings 2 is perfect! Once painted looks like it was there forever!

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  • Sale! IOD Decor Stamp Chippy Paint

    IOD Stamp Chippy Paint

    Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $18.00.

    The iod stamp chippy paint will make your surface look like old chipped paint and no worries about the real paint chipping. The stamp is 12″ x 12″

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  • Sale! iod stamp distressed

    Iod Stamp Distressed

    Original price was: $28.00.Current price is: $14.00.

    IOD Stamp Distressed creates a vintage distressed appearance on surfaces. The stamp is 12″ x 12″ and can be used in full or smaller sections. IOD stamp Distressed is perfect for a faux distressed look so popular in home decor.

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  • iod stamps rose toile

    IOD Stamps Rose Toile Botanical


    IOD Stamps Rose Toile is one of our shops favorites.If you love classic, romantic florals then this is the stamp for you.The delicate movement in this foliage, the graceful curves of the leaves-it’s what roses want to be when they grow up. You will love the dragon-fly too!

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  • IOD Transfer Botanist’s Journal


    Introducing the IOD Transfer Botanist’s Journal!I can’t say enough about how gorgeous this transfer is. Detailed flowers, insects, a bird and the latin terminology in a great script. Unusual, original and a perfect introduction by IOD Decor. Sure to make all your creations an enviable work of art!

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  • Iod Wooden Knobs

    IOD Wooden Knobs


    IOD Wooden Knobs are the very best of quality! Are you looking to make your own drawer knobs? These knobs in two sizes are perfect compliment to our Knob Topper Stamp and all your drawer knob creativity. Packaged 4 to a bag with screws for attaching.