Amazing Casting Resin for Moulds


Amazing Casting Resin is the easiest and safest way to create exact replicas of anything in minutes. Simply mix equal parts of the resin and hardener and pour into your mold. Less than 10 minutes later, remove a beautiful cast replica of your original.

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The Amazing Casting Resin is an extremely easy to use white casting resin that hardens in less than 10 minutes. Very Convenient 1:1 ratio for mixing. Very thin consistency with a 3 minute open time which will allow you to pour perfect parts every time. Once your casting resin piece has cured, it can be dyed, painted, sanded, drilled and tapped. Casting resin is just one of the many medium used in our IOD Moulds. It is the perfect material for casting when shrinking and cracking may become an issue.
Check out the picture frame tutorial and think of how you could use the resin to make the moulds.
IOD Moulds DIY Picture Frame


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