Fruitful Harvest IOD Stamp


Fruitful Harvest IOD Stamp has the perfect name. Two pages of detailed fruits of the harvest! What a great set of stamps for all your home decor needs! I love to stamp these on watercolor paper and then watercolor the images!

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Fruitful Harvest IOD Stamp is a two sheet stamp with stamps perfect for home decor! If you haven’t used our stamps yet…

IOD Decor Stamps™ are an essential tool for creating. Decor, fashion, sugar arts (because our high quality material is food safe, you can use it in your sweet creations too!). We design our Decor StampsTM  to be as versatile as possible, allowing all kinds of uses and configurations, all with distinctive style to meet the needs of our highly creative customer .. .YOU.

  • Use repeatedly ( Just like Aunt Edna’s green bean casserole, you can count on these bad boys being there time and time again. )
  • Create cherished customized gifts for weddings, baby showers, house warmings and more! 
  • Use with our Erasable Liquid Chalk for beautiful artistic chalkboard creations ( Give those hand lettering show offs a run for their money! Just kidding, I’m just jealous. But seriously, now we can show off too!) 
  • Use to beautify plain walls and turn them into show stoppers! ( We’re not being dramatic, have you seen our European Surface Techniques? They can only be accomplished with our Decor Stamps™!) 


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