IOD Wooden Knobs


IOD Wooden Knobs are the very best of quality! Are you looking to make your own drawer knobs? These knobs in two sizes are perfect compliment to our Knob Topper Stamp and all your drawer knob creativity. Packaged 4 to a bag with screws for attaching.


IOD wooden knobs come in two sixes, 1.25 Knobs and 1.5 knobs (measurements are approximate diameters of widest part of knob)

IOD hardwood knobs are a little different than the commonly available wooden knobs. They will work great for that simple pine dresser, but they work equally well on your more sophisticated pieces.

Threaded insert and precision screw for easy and accurate mounting Elegant profile design for wider applications than most wooden knobs Hardwood and subtle grain for best use with paint, stain and all your stamping applications.

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1.25, 1.5


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