La Chasse IOD Paint Inlay


La Chasse IOD Paint Inlay is another innovative design from Iron Orchid Designs. The inlays are a brand new product like nothing you have ever used before but the results are amazing! Create several art pieces to decorate your home with the La Chasse IOD Paint Inlay!

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La Chasse IOD Paint inlay is a Pastoral Design with fine detail.The design contains 5 compete works of art in the package. 4 are the 12″ x 16″ size and one is 24″ x 32″. Dark gray in tone perfect for the white background. If you haven’t used our inlays yet, please contact us and we will send you a sample piece to work with.


La Chasse Paint Inlay is just the perfect addition to the traditional home decor but equally at home in modern decor! Create your own Pastoral design on walls or furniture.

Are you curious about Paint Inlays? They require a bit of patience so please read the directions carefully. The new paint inlays are like nothing on the market anywhere!


IOD Paint Inlays are ground-breaking, first-in-class, premium art products that will revolutionize the DIY industry. Are you ready to be empowered creatively  across all skill levels. In short, they are AH-MAZING, even if we do say so ourselves.

IOD Paint Inlays are the artisanal answer to decor transfers. They’re not a decal but they’re not a synthetic film however they’re not even decoupage.

When you apply an IOD Paint Inlay, paint is physically embedded into the surface of your project. After drying, the carrier paper is removed, leaving an authentic painted design and a buttery, almost leather-like surface on your piece.


  • Eight 12″ x 16″ pages of  designs to use 1-3 times
  • IOD Paint Inlays are made from proprietary artist-quality paints that we formulated specifically for decorative use.
  • Organic in nature, the Paint Inlays transfer the painted design yielding a slightly varied and uniquely beautiful aesthetic each time they’re used.
  • The results are visually interesting, texturally complex, and often inherently distressed.
  • The paint formula is ‘active’ until sealed. That means that you can manipulate it and apply special techniques or a custom touch before you seal your piece.

Need a complete tutorial with Q&A section? Check this super detailed page out on the IOD website-Everything IOD Paint Inlays


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