Rough Sawn Wood Christmas Tree Set


Each rough sawn Christmas Tree set comes with 3 trees. The trees are roughly 11″ 13.5″ and 18.5″. The trees are shipped in 2 parts for shipping.The base has a slot where the tree trunk is inserted when you are ready to stand your tree. Simply use wood glue along the base and attach the parts when you are ready.


Rough sawn wood Christmas Trees are hand made here at the studio from rough sewn pine and recycled wood. No two trees are exactly alike.  We have three different sizes and 3 different styles. There are shaped branches and simple primitive sets of three.  These raw wood Christmas trees are for you to decorate, paint, stain or leave natural. You can add moulds, transfers or even decoupage to customize your decor. They are rough sawn so if you want them smooth you will have to sand them which is very easy to do.

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Shaped Branches, Pointed Tree


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