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Quick and Easy Holiday Preparations

Is October too early to begin Easy Holiday Preparations?

I don’t think so, now is the time to begin and ensure easy holiday preparations.
As I write this post it is the end of October. There are only 4 weeks till Thanksgiving and 8 1/2 weeks till Christmas Day. Two major holidays both of which take lots of preparation, time and expenses will be upon us before we know it. Can we make this season stress free and memorable for the ones we love?
easy holiday preparations

We’ve just finished a trip across country attending Vintage Market Days of North Central Texas. [Vermont to Texas and back again.] We had a great show planned to begin our 4th quarter sales for 2018. But a tornado and torrential rains for 7 days kinda blew that plan away! So now more then anything else, I am Thankful that we are safe. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year! I am planning on a stress-free holiday season and end of year time with family and friends to celebrate!

Using Pinterest to find resources!

I began to peruse Pinterest to see what was available for printable planners and should I say, I found Several! Most of them were very comprehensive with a small cost and some were courses that charged a fee. The Thanksgiving one and the Christmas one below are the two I am using this year.[Both Free]
Both fit the bill for easy holiday preparations.

The Thanksgiving one is actually a blog post with 10 days to get organized for a stress free Thanksgiving. This is a great post for getting ready for Thanksgiving! If you want to go directly to the post you can find it HERE. I can’t wait to start the 10 days before Thanksgiving.

The Christmas one is a 7-9 page Christmas Booklet to print whichever pages you need.
Easy holiday Preparations

Just click the photos and you can take a look at each of these resources for your quick and easy holiday preparations!

5 Must haves for My Thanksgiving:

1. Lots of Family/Lots of Love
2. Lots of Food- Much more than we can eat at one meal!
3. Plenty of time to sit around the table together for games, talk and sharing.
4. A friend/family picture of everyone who is at our feast.
5. A special emphasis and celebration of all the little ones, making memories for them that will last their lifetime!

easy holiday planning

Hoping you have a wonderful Holiday Season with Family and Friends finding Peace Joy and Hope!

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