Quick and Easy Valentine Gifts using IOD Stamps on Fabric

Everyone likes to feel special and quick and easy Valentine gifts will help you make the special people in your life feel just that. These projects are functional gifts and a take on an old form of embroidery called “Redwork”. Red thread on a white background. Because used red ink on a white background, we’re calling it faux redwork.

Have you ever heard of “Redwork”? Wikepedia describes redwork as the following: Redwork is a form of American embroidery, also called art needlework, that developed in the 19th century and was particularly popular between 1855 and 1925.

Redwork traditionally uses red thread, chosen because red dyes were the first commercially available colorfast dyes, in the form of Turkey red embroidery floss.[2] Redwork designs are composed of simple stitches and were mainly used to decorate household objects in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially quilts. You can find many examples at Antique Stores or Online Merchants.

Faux Redwork using IOD Stamps

For our “Redwork” projects we are going to use IOD stamps and tomotto ink to create several quick and easy Valentine gifts. We are calling it faux redwork because we are stamping our designs instead of traditional embroidery. I used an old white sheet for several of the projects and a pre-made shopper and gift bag. The red felt I already had and the heart pattern I downloaded from the internet.

Here is a traditional example of redwork that I found on Pinterest. There are many patterns and examples of this type of embroidery and lots more photos if you search redwork on Pinterest..

Now we won’t be making a quilt but how about a simple redwork heart using the IOD Stamps. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Make a Pin Cushion or Bowl fillers or even a patch for a shirt or jacket. In this tutorial I made a Shopper, a pillow, a gift bag and a pincushion.

Supplies needed:

  1. IOD Sprigs Stamp or similar small floral stamp
  2. white linen or muslin
  3. red felt
  4. red embroidery floss
  5. scissors and needle for sewing
  6. Heart Pattern
  7. Pre-made shopper or runner
  8. little gift bags
  9. pre-made pillow or polyfil to make your own
  10. Iron or hot dryer to set ink after it dries

Faux Red Work with IOD Stamps

Almost all the samples of redwork I found, were done on a white background with a few off-white quilts being the exception. To make the red ink really stand out on this pillow, I used an old white sheet, the Sprigs stamp, Letterpress Stamp Set, and Tomotto ink all from IOD. Took me about 2 hours to make this pillow including making the actual pillow, stamping and stuffing. The finished pillow is 20″ wide x11″ tall. Here is the YouTube video of the whole process.

Quick and Easy Redwork Shopper

I have a bunch of these shoppers for a class so I used one for our sample Shopper. I noticed many of the vintage examples of this type of embroidery also had script, which I gladly added! The Rooster is from La Campagne Stamp set and the words are stamped from the Letterpress Stamp set. After I stamped on the piece of sheeting I glued it to the bag. I later went around the edges with a red zigzag thread.

Redwork Pincushion

This project took the most time because of all the hand sewing but I love how it came out. The whole process will be available on our YouTube channel. The stamp for the bird design is Birds and Bees and I used the Vintage Textures stamp to add a bit of textures to the background.

Valentine Gift Bags

My Valentine Gift Bags are stamped with the La Campagne Stamp and the Letterpress Stamp for the “hugs and kisses” These little bags are perfect for holiday treats and small gifts for your Valentine. Super easy quick and easy Valentine gifts!

With just a little creativity and a few diy products you can make functional gifts that say Happy Valentine’s Day or because these gifts aren’t really holiday specific you can give them any time of year! I love the simplicity of just the red ink but I think it would be fun to use just blue or even just green and do I whole bunch of stamped gifts.

Until next time Happy Creating!



  1. Thank you Shannon! One of my favorite things to make.

  2. I love all of these!! Everything is beautiful!! 😍

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