Shabby Christmas Tree Bunting Diy

I woke up thinking about this Shabby Christmas Tree Bunting Diy today so it’s time to get the tutorial up for all to see and make. Don’t you just love Christmas Crafting, I know I do and this year I am getting a jump start on my holiday crafting with my 30 days of Christmas Crafting on my FaceBook page. Let’s get right into making the bunting.

Supplies needed for the Tree Bunting

  • Chenille Fabric
  • Twine
  • wooden beads
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • pattern download found HERE
  • wooden stars
  • polyfill stuffing
  • glue gun
  • sewing needle and thread for hand sewing

Resources 4 You

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Here are the items that I purchased from Amazon to make my buntings, (I made 10 of them for a Christmas show) I had the chenille fabric already but I did find some on Etsy right HERE

Bunting Supplies

Polished Hemp Cord
1″ Wooden Stars
Colored Beads

Steps to Making the Bunting

  • Cut out the trees double layer from the fabric you have chosen for your trees. I used green chenille because I like the lines of fur that look like branches.
  • Sew the trees together, 2 pieces for each tree, wrong side to wrong side with a small machine stitch
  • Make a slit in the back for stuffing
  • Stuff the tree lightly with polyfill being careful not to distort the tree
  • Stitch up the back of the tree
  • Repeat this process on all of your trees

This link will take you to a YouTube video where I made these buntings. https://youtu.be/bEC7BLl-ybE

Assembling the Shabby Christmas Tree Bunting

  • I made my bunting 48″ and placed the trees 6″ apart with the 2 beads in between each tree and one bead at the end knot. I used 12″ at each end to tie a loop knot.
  • Thread all the beads on first. 2 in between each tree and 1 on each end
  • Tie the loop knots on each end and push a bead up to the knot trying to get both threads in the bead.
  • Paint the stars if desired
  • Mark your spaces for your tree with a marker, don’t worry it will be covered by the star.
  • Space the beads in between the marks
  • Sew the trees at the marks
  • Glue the stars over the sewing on top of the trees
  • Use a dot of hot glue to secure the beads I put a little between the beads and then push them together
  • Hang your bunting and enjoy a little bit of homespun handcrafted holiday decor

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