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Show Stopping Fall Wreath Round-Up

It’s time for our show stopping fall wreath round-up. Some of these you could probably do yourself if you can find the flowers and foliage. All of the wreaths I found for this round-up have that WOW factor. You will notice larger flowers and foliage as well as pumpkins and gourds. I am loving the non-traditional colors of the accents and focal points.

Notice the large flowers, the berries, and the flowing millet stems. A Perfect Wreath!

Here’s another one with huge flowers and unusual colors.Purple and Lime Green!
fall wreath round-up
Found Here Gorgeous Wreath

Either I am just attracted to off-center asymmetrical wreaths or they are the trend right now because that’s what I found the most of for Show Stopping Fall Wreaths.

Lots of natural findings in this wreath. This is a Pier1 Wreath in the traditional circle shape.

Ready for another wreath? How about a big beautiful fruit laden fall wreath!

Traditional orange pumpkins and flowers with a wild-like branch effect and huge orange hydrangeas.

Here’s the wreath I made for this Fall season. The vine and small flowers are throughout but the main floral sprays are in the asymmetrical fashion.
wreath roundup

Love Love Love this one with the huge flowers and subtle fall colors.

My favorites always have flowers fruits and berries in abundance!

This unusual wreath with purple accents had me re-thinking my avoidance of the color purple!

With rafia, dried materials, feathers millet and pussy willows it is certainly the most unusual!
Finishing off my fall wreath round-up are these last 3 wreaths with feathers, huge sunflowers, Indian corn and whimsey!

And that is a wrap! Do you have a wreath for fall or do you wait till Christmas and then put up a holiday wreath. What ever the season, a wreath on your front door is a welcoming sight for all your visitors.
Best Regards for a great fall!

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