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Six Drawer Toile IOD Stamped Dresser

This IOD stamped dresser proves IOD Decor stamps are easy to use and create endless possibilities.
iod stamped dresser

I recently stamped a six drawer dresser with IOD stamps. We purchased this 6 drawer dresser at auction a few years back.I paid more than I usually would for it, six little divided drawers. I wanted to add a bit of pizazz, and maybe re-coup some of my money by charging a higher price. Small dressers in good shape are hard to come by and one with 6 drawers is even rarer.
iod stamped dresser

The dresser was hand make and solid thick wood so it weighed a lot! Handyman had to repair all the drawers. He then sanded the top layer of shiny paint down a bit so the chalk paint would stick.
iod stamped dresser

Once we had it in the shop and all the work was done I put on the first coat of Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint in Pure White.
After letting the first coat dry, we painted a second coat of Provence also Annie Sloan® Chalk Paint
The third coat was a wash of Pure White. When that was dry I lightly sanded to get some variation and texture and then the fun part.

Stamping the Dresser

I used a brown acrylic paint and several different IOD stamps from the summer 2017 catalog.

I rolled the paint on a piece of glass and then used a brayer to roll it onto the stamp

Practice makes perfect so I practiced stamping on a brown paper bag a few times to get the look I liked.
iod stamped dresser

It took quite awhile to get the whole dresser done and once it was all stamped, I lightly sanded the whole piece. I sealed the finish with clear wax and just a touch of antique wax to add age.Stamping a dresser might seem like a huge undertaking but the stamping goes pretty quickly and the finish is so well worth it!
iod stamped dresser

The stamps clean up perfectly with soap and water and are ready to use again.


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