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Spring Wreath Diy 2017

Spring Wreaths 2017Although the temperature doesn’t feel like spring, it is the perfect time to make a spring wreath for 2017. Last year I did a picture tutorial on how to make an oval spring wreath. You can find that HERE. This tutorial uses the same general directions but it is custom order so the size and flower selections were pre-determined.

The finished wreath is 22″ wide x 26″ tall. This is a rather tall front door.

General Steps for Making a Spring Wreath

  1. Decide on the size and get a wreath form. I use mostly grapevine because they are reasonably priced and are made out of a natural materials. Decide on the best way to hang your wreath and then put a wire loop on the back.
  2. Decide on the color and kind of flowers. I try to find very real looking flowers for a front door because it will get looked at close up. I use 3 different flowers and at least 3 different greens. One of the flowers should be the focal flower and larger than the other two which we will use as filler.
  3. Assemble and cut flower material. This wreath has a 6 foot vine that goes around the whole thing first and then the other faux vines are randomly  attached around the wreath.
  4. Lay the cut materials on the form and decide on the design before you attach any of the greenery
  5. When you are happy with the design, remove the materials and then begin to attach them. Start with the bottom layer and build up as you go around the wreath.
  6. I wire all the pieces to the grapevine form and then glue them to each other with a hot glue gun.
  7. Leave a space for the bow if you are going to have one and add that last.
  8. Hang your wreath and admire it. Everyone else will too!

We purchased everything for this wreath at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale. The total cost for everything including a pair of wire cutters was $59. The wreath at our store would sell for about $100

spring wreaths

Step 1

6 ft vine

spring wreath                                                                                                           Step 3

spring wreath Step 5

Spring Wreath 2017

Done and Hung Step 7

Other Sources for Spring Wreath Designs

Here are a few I searched out on Pinterest and Etsy to round off our Spring Wreath 2017.

spring wreath 2017Cotton branches are all the rage this year. I found this lovely wreath on Etsy for $69.99.You will find it Here

This huge wreath below was also an Etsy find made by LadyBugWreaths. This one is sold, but it is worth checking out her website. I couldn’t find any wreaths for sale but she has lots of tools, supplies and videos to teach you how to make your own gorgeous wreaths to sell. [FYI This one retailed for $189.97]

spring wreathHow about an Easter Wreath from Pottery Barn $79? I bet you could make one at 1/2 the cost!  Check it out at  Pottery Barn 

spring wreath

Another gorgeous wreath below was also found on Pinterest. The link takes you to a website found  Here the website has beautiful pictures of tulips, and seems to be an on-line teaching site. It is not written in English but Swedish so you will have to translate it or just enjoy the eye candy.

spring wreath

                                                                                  Rustic and NaturalLove this orange and cream flower wreath found on the House Beautiful Site which also has links to 30 other spring wreaths if you have the time.

Hope you get a beautiful spring wreath for your front door and enjoy the very short very beautiful spring season.


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