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Super Quick and Easy Diy Ornaments

Super quick and easy diy ornaments is right on time for making simple gifts and decor on a budget. Do you need teacher gifts? How about a gift tag that makes that wrapped gift look amazing? Need Hostess gifts or small last minute gifts for the person you may have forgotten to buy for? Make a bunch of these to have on hand and you’ll be all set. Let’s do this!

Supplies Needed

  • Chipboard Tags link found below
  • Chalk style paint or craft paint
  • Water-based Sealant
  • Background Stencil or Stamp
  • Bits and pieces of transfers
  • Painting supplies, brushes etc.
  • Permanent Ink
  • Cord or Twine for tying
  • Cellophane Packaging (Optional)

Sometimes we don’t have access to things we need to do a craft. We will use Amazon to get things we can’t find locally and I have included my affiliate link to these items here. Even so this craft is still Super Quick and Easy diy Ornaments on a budget!

Supplies We Sell


  1. Assemble the chipboard tags and paint one side at a time waiting for paint to dry in between coats.I choose to assembly-line my tags for a show I was doing so I am painting 18 at a time. Once both sides are dry you can go to the next step.
Diy Ornament

2. Stamp or stencil the background. Let Dry! When the background is dry it’s time for embellishments. If you used a chalk paint, now would be the time to seal it. If your paint has a built-in topcoat, then you can go right to the next step.

Embellishing Simple Diy Ornaments

3. I am using bits and pieces of IOD Transfers to embellish my tags/ornaments. Because I often use only a small part of a transfer, I have a huge stash of pieces! Here is how I embellish and design an ornament.

4. When I am happy with the design, I go around the tag with the side of an ink pad. Once the ink dries, it’s time to seal and add your hanger.

Just look at these finished tags! Perfect for gift giving, ornaments for your tree or even decorating a gift! Be sure to share your tags on our Gardenhouse Studio Facebook Group. What you aren’t a member yet? We would love to have you join. Click the link below.

Super Quick and Easy Diy Ornaments
Finished Ornaments

Resources 4 You

As a small business we often use links to share products we use but don’t sell. We earn a small commission on any items you purchase but it doesn’t cost you any more. We will always identify these items and you can be assured these are items we use in our work too!

Would you like to watch the whole process in a shareable video? Check it out below and be sure to like and follow our channel.


  1. Valerie Jeanbourquin says:

    guten tag

    die IOD Formen, sind diese aus Silikon und somit auch für Gipsabgüsse geeignet…? lg vj

    1. They are made of silicone.

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