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The Schloss Buffet with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Our latest Miss Mustard Seed Make over is the Schloss Buffet.

I am so loving the schloss buffet. I wasn’t sure of the color at first but I wanted something neutral and on trend, think Greige. This piece is big enough to pull off the chippy antique wax finish that sometimes just happens with milk paint but oh what a functional piece it is. Look at all that storage, 10 drawers.

Schloss Buffet

I seem to have an over abundance of buffets. Most have been purchased at auction. The auctioneer knows I am a sucker for solid well made vintage furniture and buffets are my specialty. Seems like I am the only one who likes these huge heavy pieces of furniture because I get them for very little money. When we moved to Texas in December, I brought no less than 4 buffets in the truck we rented to move our furniture.

I love the lines of this buffet but I would say the beautiful hardware on all 10 functioning drawers is what won me over first. Next would be the serpentine front and lastly the heavy solid oak construction, which I have a love-hate relationship with. My husband and I are getting to the point in life where lifting and moving heavy furniture is not recommended.

Schloss Buffet

Enter Casters or Rubber Wheels

We’ve begun putting wheels on the bottom of these really heavy pieces which can easily be removed when the buffet sells. It certainly makes it easier for us to move it around in the mean time!

Schloss Buffet

This old girl needed lots of repairs so even though we purchased it quite inexpensively we have a big investment. There was missing molding, worn away feet, and lots of chipped off corners. Some we repaired others we replaced and a few flaws we just left as a sign of a life well lived.

Schloss Buffet

The Painting and the Process

The paint had to be milk-paint and I knew I wanted to try Schloss. You can’t always tell how much chippiness you will get with milk paint. We sanded really well trying to avoid too much chippiness so I guess what we have left is perfect!

  • Sand and repair
  • Sand top so that it will take the stain [We used Homestead House Stain and Finishing Oil in Golden Pine
  • 2 coats of milk paint [waiting 2 hours between coats]
  • Lightly sand the milk paint
  • Wax with Miss Mustard Seed Antiquing Wax
  • Apply stain and finishing oil to top wait overnight
  • Apply 2nd coat of stain and finishing oil wait overnight
  • Buff the wax out and put the drawer pulls back on

We’ll be taking her to the Shop this week, hoping someone else will see the potential of The Schloss Buffet!

Happy Spring!

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