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Using IOD Moulds DIY and Making a Shabby Chic Picture Frame

Using IOD Moulds
Using IOD Moulds

Using IOD Moulds to make everything more beautiful.

This project is a class we teach so that folks can get a first hand knowledge of working with the moulds and clay. This post is a diy tutorial to make your own shabby chic picture frame using iod moulds.

IOD Moulds and Supplies Needed:

Picture frame with good size flat surface and paintable surface.
IOD Moulds
IOD Paper Clay
Paint -Using a Chalk Style Paint
Waxes- Clear wax and antique wax

Using IOD Moulds


1. Clean your picture frame if it isn’t raw wood My husband makes ours so we have a 3″ wide border to decorate.
2. Get out your moulds and decide on your design-For this frame I used 3 different moulds.
3. Make your embellishments and glue them on while still wet If you are using air-dry clay the shrinkage is minimum-Paper clay shrinks a bit more and gives the deep cracks that make it look like an authentic vintage piece.

4. Let the moulds dry on the frame overnight checking to make sure they are staying stuck to the surface.
5. Paint your piece and let the paint dry

using iod moulds

6. Use clear wax first over the whole piece and then dark wax, getting the dark wax into the grooves of the picture frame
7. Let wax dry and then buff
8. Put a photo in your frame and enjoy

This frame makes such a wonderful gift! I surprised my son with his wedding picture in mine. He loved it!

Update with the New IOD Moulds

Now that we have more moulds to choose from, we’re making a new frame. The frame below was made with the newer moulds and our newer air dry clay. We used IOD Mould Trimmings 1 to decorate this picture frame. The directions are the same as the 1st frame.

This is an easy project with great results! Have Fun

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All the Products Used can be found HERE

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  1. Wirklich schön. Ich schaue nach eine Idee für ein Schild “Willkommen” und dein Fotorahmen ist eine tolle Inspiration. Danke schön!

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