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Using IOD Transfers

Creating Decor Using IOD Transfers.

IOD [Iron Orchis Designs] transfers are making the  possibilities for embellishing and updating worn old furniture limitless. Using IOD transfers on this dresser certainly made this piece a work of art!  Love how it came out.

Adjusting Your IOD to Fit Your Project

Did you know that you can cut the transfers to fit the piece you are working on? This is how the “Memoires Transfer” looks out of the box.

But that didn’t look right on this piece of furniture. So do you see what I did? I fit the larger more ornate part of the design on the three big drawers. I then cut the rest to fit properly on the smaller drawers at the top of this dresser. The flower bouquet fit perfectly on the full drawer and the copyright and address were perfect on the top small drawers.

using iod transfers

Hint: I made sure the french wording was not too crazy when changing the order by getting a translation on google.

The base of the dresser was painted in Fusion’s Sterling and the drawers are painted in Fusion’s Lamp white. The color variations are subtle but effective. Because this dresser is mahogany, we first primed it with a Lacquer Primer to prevent bleed-through. When working with IOD transfers you want to make sure your piece is clean and smooth. The manufacturer recommends a matte surface for the best adhesion. It takes a bit of time and patience to get it set and then finished but it so worth it.

iod transfers

Surfaces for IOD

I did these two sign with frames my husband made from pallet wood, definitely not smooth and much more work because of it! The wood is so rough that I broke a couple of the sticks [tools] used to transfer them. I then used a quarter to finish and it worked well rubbing the design onto the surface.

This transfer “La Fleur” is 24″ wide X 36″ tall and took about 2 hours [with breaks] to complete. Mostly because the design is so intricate and the surface was so rough. Painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Eulalies Sky

La Fleur Transfer is available in limited quantities see Below

La Fleur

Using IOD Transfers

The Finicky Fox is 36″ wide X 24 ” tall and makes a great piece of art work for a kitchen or dining room. Both of these pieces were painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint before the design was transferred to the boards. All the designs are sealed with a water based poly.

Using IOD Transfers

IOD or Iron Orchid Designs has released a new catalog with stock arriving to the retailer [that’s us] in June and July. We will be listing more of the designs here on our website as the stock becomes available for sale.

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  1. Dana M Kostecka says:

    Hi Peggy…question. I bought a new desk and put IODs on the little drawers (secretary style desk so small drawers inside the top section), but then I decided to chalk paint and stencil the writing base. Since the desk wasn’t an aged, old, antique piece, it was more painted and sealed (veneers) in matte finish from the manufacturer. I did lightly sand before painting the inside but now the drawers which I did first prior to deciding to paint, now look pretty but too new if you can picture it. Is there away to distress after the IODs are placed without ruining the integrity of the fragile pictures?? In hindsite I would have preferred painting the drawers prior to adhering the IOD’s but they are a cream color so it’s fine. Just want them to look older when you first look…. suggestions? I know I can’t really wax over previously sealed furniture. I have little to no experience so I thought I’d ask an expert what she would do. Thanks! Dana

    1. Hi Dana A picture would be great and then we can go from there. I’m sure there is a way to get the look you want. We can communicate through email or if you think your question would help others we can do it here. Peggy

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